Feb 14, 2011

Valentines Day and the incident in North Ryde

It's Valentines Day today and I didn't realise until I was at the school bus stop and see so many girls with roses in their hands. I know for a fact that one group was doing something like Secret Santa, except that it's Secret Valentines.

Some girl said well what's the point of having your friends give you a valentines day present, you might as well buy one for yourself. But I think Valentines Day can be just an excuse to give gifts to your friends, a bit like Christmas with it's 'spirit of giving'. I saw a girl with an armful of chocolate rose (fake stem and leaf with a rose made of chocolate on top), and during the day I saw lots of girls holding one of them. Isn't it nice?

The following story is, um, a bit gruesome. It's most probably totally inappropriate (or very ironic) for Valentines Day, and I overheard this when Mum is talking on the phone just then. If you want to know the cold hard facts, search North Ryde in Google News, but from what I've heard, the story goes like this:

A Chinese woman living in North Ryde gave her ex-husband sleeping pills and when he's unconscious (I assume), she, um, cut off his you-know-what off. He was bleeding a lot, as you would assume, and the woman, maybe seeing that it's getting a bit dangerous, called the ambulance. The ambulance came, and seeing what's happened, immediately called the police and the woman was arrested. The man died, but apparently the woman only killed him by accident.She is going to be heard at the Burwood court.

Now this story is real. Just search it, the story is there. This just shocked me, I can hardly believe something like this happened so near to me. I read about something like this in a non-fictional book, and that incident happened in Japan years ago. Mum knew that woman by sight and says she has money, has good look, she's well-mannered and soft-spoken and really not someone you would expect to be so extreme.

She speculates that it can't have been about love, because people don't get so extreme about love(and I'm definitely in no position to say if that's correct or not). The woman had been married to the man and they had children together, though they've been divorced. The man is a Chinese citizen and was only in Australia to visit and would have been due back in China soon. Mum thinks it must have been because of the guy had cheated a lot of money off her, and that's why this happened.

It's the quiet ones you have to look out for? But really, everyone thinks she's really nice and has a good life, people like her wouldn't have any channels to release their anger or tension or feelings and when it builds up dangerously...you know, something like this happens.

This is the first time something of this nature happened so close to home. Mum actually knew this woman and thought well of her. What would make someone so universally thought of as quiet and good do something so gruesome? What did the man do to her?

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  1. hello xiao!
    I heard a similar story in my art class last year, where some woman murdered her husband and cut off his genitals, its like, having a part of him with her forever. She was a bit mental and actually had intercourse with the...detached package, its really gross and i was scarred for life :(