Apr 21, 2011

Yum Cha at Granville RSL

Like the title says, I went yum cha with grandma and one of my mum's friend today at Granville RSL. I made it a goal for myself to learn to use my new digital camera better, so I bought it with me to take photos. They're not very good, but at least it's a start.

The curtains are very typical of yum cha places, the colour scheme is bound to be gold, brown, red and a very small amount of deep green.

Tilting the tea pot lid tells the waiter/waitress to add more water

Yummy! All fried foods (except the vegetable and noodles, obviously)

This being a RSL club, there's bronze plates to commemorate the soldiers who died in the wars, there's some poppies here and there. Which reminds me, it's almost ANZAC Day isn't it?

I want one of these in my front yard.

The order of the photos are weird, this is actually the first photo, and it's the side entrance.


  1. nice! I went to Yum Cha too just recently, and took a photo of the ... bill :L:L I see you're using the macro now :D

  2. Oh, I didn't even realise I was using macro. In which one was I using macro and how do I do it again???

  3. Actually, i dont think you used macro, its more like autofocus on your camera in the chopstick photo. But you can get your camera to do it manually, I'm sure.

  4. *grinds teeth* I haven't been able to do it, when you do it on your camera, is it jut a setting you select?

  5. Cool thanks for the review, it helped alot.

    I visited this place on Easter Sunday 2013 and was please with the service and the quality of food

    I made a short video clip of how to get there and show the place inside


    Overall I would recommend this place and give it a 8/10