Dec 31, 2011

Hyde Park

I was at Hyde Park for a picnic belatedly celebrating one of my school friend's birthday, and I couldn't resist taking some photos of the scenery and architecture. One of my friends was using my camera and you can easily tell which photos were taken by me because most of my photos don't have people as the focus. I need to learn to take pictures of people, instead of non-animate objects/scenery.

The first one is my favourite, it looks almost professional:

St Mary's Cathedral

Dec 24, 2011

a little project

I've pretty much been MIA for 3 months from blogging now. I have no excuse except that sometimes life feels so tedious it's hard to muster up the energy to write more than I absolutely need to for school. Year 12, guys. Hopefully I can survive this so I can look back at it nostalgically. I can't and won't promise I'll be blogging regularly, but I will try to keep up with your posts.

I wish blogspot had a function that sends me an email when someone I follow makes a new post, like livejournal does.

I wasted something like 2 hours yesterday making a poster for my wall. I had a diary that had cute illustrations of tarot cards in it. Since it's been used, I decided to recycle it and make a poster out of the pages without writing on them.

Which basically means I tore out the pages with the tarot card figures on them, arranged them in order and stuck them onto a two large pieces of paper (from a huge 2011 calendar, it's good to reuse). I had to include more pages to fill a rectangle shape, but all 22 of the major arcana tarots cards are there in order, from The Fool all the way to The World. If you can spot where I stuck one page upside-down I'll give you imaginary internet cookies.

I'm not good at drawing like Cinda, and my photo-taking skills are not up to her very high standards, so I guess a remix of other people's work is the best I can do :-(

Finished product - tadaa!