Feb 24, 2011

Multicultural Day at Hurlstone

Multicultural Day was on teh 17 wasn't it, I didn't know until I saw a video on Genieve's blog. So now I'm going through all the performances on youtube. I'm so grateful that some nice people (EPIC has every single one of them) have put all the performances onto youtube. While I'm at it I'll be watching everything else Hurlstone related like swimming carnival and assembly performances.

Aftershock and A2N's performance was wow. The atmosphere must have so amazing, I wish so hard that I was there to see it live. The most I can manage is to see it on youtube, but it must have been so much better to be right there before the stage.

I love how they mixed so many Korean songs together, I actually know all of the songs and that tells you something about how far I've travelled on the path of k-pop addiction. They're all pretty well known though, or I think they are... They opened with Super Junior's Bonanama and that's such a wonderfully bouncy dancy song. My eyes were literally wet when JYJ's Empty came on, I love DBSK, I love JYJ, their voices are incredibly wonderful I get goosebumps when I listen to them. Empty is one of the songs I really like.

They're dance was really good too. Aftershock and A2N are two of the better dance groups in Hurlstone. It's a pity A2N are (have?) graduating/graduated. All the members of A2N are pretty good when there's a visible difference between the Aftershock members. They're all a pleasure to watch.

As a general rule, it seems girls sing well and boys dance well. Aside from the group of dancers with the Annas, Judith, Ying, Tang etc, that rule' been broken again in this year's Multicultural Day. That year 10 boy Kevin's cover of Just the Way You Are is really good. The video probably doesn't do his voice justice but it sounds really nice and clear even in the video.

I'll put the videos here, I know I'll want to watch them later but won't want to search for them.

Aftershock ft. A2N 2011 Multicultural Day

"Just the Way You Are" Kevin from year 10

Why wasn't there more of our year performing on Multicultural Day?

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