Feb 4, 2011

Rambling and observations on school

Singing Dolls
On Thursday, a girls in my English class came up to me and ask “I was wondering, did you happen to have skipped grades?” So of course I said no. Then she said “Oh, you just look so young.” I asked her how old she thought I was, and the girl next to me said, “Honey, you look 12.” O.O Again. I really don’t look my age, do I? That would be a wonderful thing to be able to say when I’m 30 or something, but I’m only 16, any younger and I would be a baby.

I had someone pinch my cheeks first day of school. That must be a record. The girls at Sydney Girls are mostly really out-going, very confidant, very cheerful and really nice. I feel a little intimidated by them sometimes, I'm not yet used to their personalities.

I have to get a “science book” to record prac work in. It’s supposed to have “5mm graph paper” every second page. I have no idea where to get something like this. Anyone have any idea at all? We did a really long prac, it took three lessons and it’s still not finished. We have to separate the components of beach sand. There’s lots of filtering and evaporating going on. Last lesson our Bunsen burner kept going out. The liquid we were trying to evaporate would just start to bubble, and then the Bunsen burner goes out. We relight it, the liquid starts to bubble, and then the fire goes out again. I didn’t realise before that the fire from a Bunsen burner goes out so easily.

I have to go through Central station everyday now. I’ve only been there for three days and on two days I’ve gotten freebies. On the first day it’s a small shampoo and conditioner pack, and yesterday it was two muesli bars. I also take a copy of the mX newspaper when I pass through to read on the train. I could never get them before except when Mum finds a copy somewhere.

There’s always a guy in an mX shirt standing at the entrance handing out the paper. On the first day it was a tall young Asian guy and he was so fast. He handed out papers like a pro. His hands just go “whip whip” on the pile of newspaper he holds, and he gets three newspapers between the gaps of his fingers and he hands it to you. Pretty cool. He’s gestures were fast and clean. I can’t really describe it, but it looks cool, a few students were looking back at him and going wow. It was an older Indian today, and he wasn’t as fast.

The teachers at Sydney Girls have a great sense of humour. On the assembly, the deputy principal said: (paraphrasing) Most teachers at Sydney Girls, when asked about their experience at this school, will say that they died and went to heaven. You are all angels, but I have some new years resolutions, that if you follow, will make you even more perfect. (the last part sounds strange, he was much better than this!)

So he listed a few new years’ resolutions, and they were so funny. Everyone laughed after each one. I don't remember all of them, but some of them are (and I quote): "Discover the joys of brown boot polish", "Rush to class after lunch as quickly as you rush to the bus after school (almost everyone has to take the school bus from the school to Central station)", "Use napisan to keep your blouses white throughout the year, now at the beginning of the year, this is probably the whitest your blouses are going to be all year" (that last one is not an exact quote). The deputy principal is a nice man, maybe in his 50-60's (I'm not good with guessing age), and he's looks and way of speaking reminds me of a nice English old gentleman. I like him.


  1. Sydney Girls sounds like a really chirpy and lovely school! *envy envy

    Regarding the science book, you can find them in BIGW, perhaps a newsagent? AWWWW, if only you were still at HAHS, i would buy them for you and you could pay me back or something :s You can always use officeworks as a last resort.

    LOL, i'd like to see the asian pro guy hand out newspapers one day. I also love the DP's joke about dying and going to heaven. LOL. What you type on your blog is always interesting to read and you record strange things that might not be so strange to you, but is absolutely interesting to me :D

    I'm glad you're in a nice atmosphere, and i know you'll do well! Can't wait till your next blog post!! <3<3

  2. I checked some newsagencies, but they don't have anything like that. I might try Big W.

    I glad you think this is interesting. I'd hate to bore anyone.

    Now that I am blogging I find I try to remember the things that grab my attention instead of think "Hey that's interesting" and letting be forgotten a day later.

  3. That happens to me all the time. :( Probably the reason why i don't exactly blog about anything much now. :\