Feb 6, 2011

More of the same

Sunny by BANP
Lame joke of the day courtesy of my Economics teacher, who heard it from his student:
What's a Hindu in New Zealand?
Lay an egg.
Everyone was going "Huh?" so he had to expain it (which killed the joke. As the saying goes, explaining a joke is like disecting a frog, you understand it better, but it gets killed in the process.) The New Zealand accent makes "Hindu" sound like "hen do".

Claire's found her group of friends, and they're very her style. I can't find them at recess or lunch after the first day. So now, I'm just wandering around the school looking for a place to sit and someone to sit with TT___TT There was another new girl that saw me and ate lunch with me, but when we were going to the library she found her group of friends in a classroom. I don't know if she'll ditch me for them or not, even though she said yes when I asked her to meet with me again at recess lunch. (This was written a few days ago, so I can now say that, yes, she has ditched me) I really really really really to the power of infinity miss you guys so much. I feel so insecure without someone who would stick with me. I know no one in class either, and that's just sad. Hugs for everyone in my group, and if you see Li Sa and Helena Ha, tell them I miss them so so so so much.

There's a buddy system for new people in Sydney Girls. Some of them, like Claire's, become fast friends (okay, so that's the only case I know that did that). Another four (including me), didn't see their buddy again after the first day. Why? Because they had no classes together with us. Not even roll call class. My buddy was a great help the first day though. Even if only for one day, the buddy system helped. The first day is the day that I need help most in.

You know I love the library, and in Hurlstone our library is nice and cool, sort of a sanctuary from the heat. The library at Sydney Girls is hot and stuffy if you’re not directly under the fan. The books are pretty good though. They have the newest book of Artemis Fowl, which the Hurlstone library didn't. They have books from a classic sci-fi author I’ve always wanted to read. I doubt I’ll have much time to read books for myself though. I plan to stay in the library at lunch, everyday after I finish eating. Oh, guess what Helena, I was glanced at two girls at a computer, and they were playing Bomb It!

All the classrooms are open at recess and lunch. Anyone can go in there to eat and gather. That's a lot of trust, when we wanted a room we had to ask a teacher for it! We didn't always get it too.

One thing is the same, the students do things that are not school work related on their laptops in class. We almost didn't use our laptops at all, but for the one English lesson we did, I saw someone reading manga. I didn't catch the web address though, which is a shame. The girls next to me was copying movies, I saw that she had Princess Mononoke, Ponyo and other ones. Guess that's one thing that never changes.

The majority of students there are Asian (is that a surprise to anyone?). In assembly it was a sea of black heads with occasional spots of blond and brown. There are students there that don't fit the stereotype of Sydney Girls, there are some Caucasian girls that act a little like the borders (some of the borders, I mean no offense). They’re not all perfect.

The school is like one big building, in the shape of the head of a trident. That is, there are three prongs to the building, and the middle one is the longest. So if I go to the floor (the building is three storied) I want and walk along the corridor, there's a good chance I'll get to where I need to be. But that takes a long time, so I usually ask people for directions. They're all really nice, a few of them actually took me straight to teh classroom I need. I'm sort of getting the feel of the place now.

The Sydney Girls campus is linked with the Sydney Boys one, and at recess and lunchtime, students of both schools are allowed to go to the other school's campus, but only so far. The girls can go as far as the Boys' school's canteen, which apparently sells better cheaper food. So some girls go there to buy food. Sydney Boys still sell soft drinks, lollies, chips, in other words "red food" and Sydney Girls don't.

K-pop is very popular in the Asian population of Sydney Girls. I could overhear a lot of familiar names and girls going on about Korean stars. Is it the same in Hurlstone?


  1. Hello Xiao my dear not-so-granddaughter (were you my mother in the family tree?) :p

    I didn't see my friend Selena Leung today but look out for her at school if she's in any of your classes yeah? She's really friendly and will probably introduce you to people with similar personalities to you ^^

    I want to see the new Artemis fowl book. I love the series so muchy <3 The air con in the hurlstone library hasn't been turned on all week so it's like the ultimate sauna at the moment. Thank God it's finally cooling down today :)

    In terms of the K-pop obsession, it seems like no Asian kid can run away from it anymore. Everyone goes gaga over it and I'm like whatever.

    Do you catch the Bankstown train now? Cause I don't see you at Padstow on the days I have uber early classes :(


    Cinda Xx

  2. I take the train to Central and then take the school to the school. So you're not going to see me on the Bankstown line anymore (at least for school).

    I'm ashamed to admit this, but the names I know from my classes can be counted on my two hands. I don't know anyone called Selena.

    I don't remember the title of the Artemis Fowl book, but it's about Artemis being turned good by his use of magic, but the fairies need him to be like he was before to help them with a crisis. I didn't get to read it, and I still need to read Emma.

    I think I am the granddaughter, but I don't remember what Jedda is. So take care of your old bones grandmother Cinda :P

  3. HUG HUG HUG <3

    Hello Xiao! (again.)
    You went to R.E.A.D. tutor yeah? the one with the infamous Mr Chu and his discipline methods? Well i remember we had to read Emma for Select comprehension or something, (haha, i still have the whole classics collection in my bookshelf) so that should be no major problem ne?

    I love the joke. LMAO.

    As for finding friends, why not try getting close to those new kids who just made it into SGHS this year like you? You then have something in common to talk about. Damn, if i was some Syd. Girls student and was put in a buddy group thing to help some random who made it in, I'D SURELY HELP THEM THE ENTIRE YEAR and introduce them to my group and everything. :\

    Regarding the HAHS library, the group live on the balcony outside where it's much cooler since theres a breeze passing through the railings, when we go in the library, its even worse than staying out. LOL. Probably something to do with the poor HAHS electricity - in my maths classroom rm 30, the lights and aircon and electricity goes out every 10 minutes or something, then takes another 10 minutes to recover, and so on.


    And oh wow, a 3 storey building? O_O

    The concept of syd girls and boys fraternising at lunch and recess only is sort of foreign to me. By the way, do you know how the syd. boys are like? :L:L

    Kpop discussion is the same as it was last year, nothing much changed yet. I'll blog about it if something does though!

  4. I reckon Sydney boys is pretty crazy, as a boy school. My poor friend got his glasses/face karate chopped D: Quiet and shy boys don't seem to survive very well in single sex schools. Girls are better I reckon :p

  5. I don't think the boys and girls "fraternise", some of the girls just use their canteen. I don't really know any of the Sydney Boys people, I don't interact with them almost at all. I took a bus with a lot of Sydney Boys students on it one morning, but I won't be able to tell you what they're like.

    Aww, that's kind of you. It would be nice if all our buddies did help us the entire year (and beyond). Introduction into the group would have been the thing I need the most.

    The last few days were so stuffy and so hot. It's too bad that the eletricity doesn't work well. Everyone must have been cooked in the heat. We don't have air con in most rooms, but Claire said her old school (as in the school before Hurlstone) had air conditioning in every room. My first thought was where did they get the money? Is it a private school?

    Yeah, I did go to R.E.A.D tutor, but I came late, so I didn't read Emma. I'm reading it now, a lot of people say it's boring and hard to get through, but I like it. I like to know about what society, especially high society, is like in those times. It's really quite interesting, I think, the dynamics and expectations of those times.

    I found a new kpop group to fangirl over, I'll tell you about them later.