Feb 11, 2011

Funny Economics Teacher

Noise From Silence 1 by Shel-yang
My English room had a fireplace! How cool is that. There’s even a chimney to go with it. It’s filled in now, and a heater is put in the same place, but isn’t it so cool that my classroom has a fireplace?

The big hall (Multi-Purposed hall) is very very similar to Hurlstone's. The inside had the same vertical wooden stripes, and it has basketball hoops, the hall is roughly the same size (just from my not-so-accurate measurement by eye). It even has the same overhead huge cylindrical heater (though it’s pink instead of green). But the stage is on the long side of the hall, instead of the short side, so it’s bigger. The smaller hall (Campbell Hall) is better looking, more…sophisticated, I guess.

At assembly today, the Wind Ensemble (it was some ensemble or the other) played a song called “Into the Raging River”. It sounds so professional. If not for the few not quite there notes, I could almost mistaken it for a recording. It was like listening to a professional orchestra, they had a person conducting and everything.

Our Economics teacher is really so funny. The powerpoint he prepared yesterday has a part on labour, and there’s a picture of factory workers, a teacher, and … Elvis! When the Elvis photo came up one of his songs also started blaring from the computer, and the teacher started lip syncing and dancing to it. In that really dorky 80s/90s Elvis style dance.

It was hilarious, especially as he’s only about my height. He really seemed to know what he was doing too! One of the students had her mobile out, and he said “Are you trying to video this? I don’t want to see this on facebook.” I was tempted to ask what if it only went on youtube. When he went to the new slide, he said in an announcer voice, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!”

He tells us that Elvis will make another appearance when we least expect it. He’s getting 4 clipart TV set factory workers to come up on the projector, and on the last one, that Elvis song started again. He says Elvis is not dead, he’s got a job making TV sets. And he started dancing and lip syncing to syncing to it again. Oh he’s so funny. Everyone was laughing.

Today the class wanted to see him do that again. He asked, “Do you remember? (some information from yesterday)”, and a girl said, “No, sir, we have to hear Elvis sing again to remember it”. The class was going, do it, sing etc. So he says in the Elvis Presley voice, “And this is for my fans. Band, music.”

He starts doing the moving his body up and down to the beat thing that Elvis does for a bit, and then he looks back and acts surprised. “Where’s my band? I have no band!” And he didn’t sing :'(. But he does a really funny Elvis impression.

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