Feb 19, 2011

Introduction to SGHS musical and Grandma's back in Australia!

Noise From Silence 10 by Shel-yang
 Yesterday was assembly. I forgot that entirely when I came home. I've been sort of out of it in the last few days, I can see the dark circles around my eyes. I promise to go to bed earlier, or at least, I should.

The prefects performed for us something they did for the year 7's on year 7 camp. It's a humorous musical type performance of an introduction to Sydney Girls. It was hilarious at times, and just a bit lame at others. Uses plenty of stereotypes and plenty of popular songs with changed lyrics (and the lyrics fit into the song, I would never be able to do that, I wonder how long they spent planning it?) There was Party in the USA, We're All in This Together, Tick Tock etc.

There's a girl pretending to be Bear Grylls (the host to Man vs Wild, which is a survival show I'm sure we're all shown in school at some time or another) and instructing us on how to survive in a dangerous place -- Sydney Girls High. She demonstrates the stereotypes and gets correct by the prefects on most of it, the main message being, maybe, that Sydney Girls is not the stereotypical, hard to fit in to, stuck up, private school-ish all girls school they're afraid of.

There's one segment where the one acting as Bear Grylls teaches the juniors that the one most important rule is that the seniors love noise, especially at exam time. Then some girls acting as year 7's come in, crowd around the studying senior girl screaming and shaking maracas and sings the chorus to Baby. It's an ingrained reponse to either groan in exasperation or laugh when we hear that song.

Sydney Girls is very orientated towards things like drama and singing and languages (they have to take two languages in year 7, most of my group, many of whom are Chinese, took Japanese and Latin. Latin.). The Chinese girls speak Chinese to each other (some with a very good accent). It's different to hear Chinese spoken so well at a English speaking school. There's also more than the usual amount of half Asian half other girls at SGHS. Two girls I see as totally Caucasian are actually half Asian. No part of them seem Asian to me, it's so strange, I so rarely see half Asian half Caucasians.

Another course they have at SGHS is textiles technology. They have a technology room with sewing machines all along the sides of the room. Some pillows and dolls are on display in glass cases and a girl made a pink cloth cover for her diary with pretty buttons and ribbons.

Grandma arrived back in Australia today! She bought lots of biscuits and lollies for me to eat, the digital camera (which I'll need some time to figure out), shoes, tea, Chinese dried herbs and food and lots of other things. Watching her unpack is like opening a huge present. Now that she's here I don't have to worry about meals anymore. Yay, yay, yay!

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