May 15, 2011

Half yearlies are next week! Wish me luck

I think the impending exams are driving students a little nuts. A group of students play Scattergories in my maths classroom at lunch once in a while, because sometimes they leave a board full of Scattergories stuff in different coloured chalk.

But on Friday the categories were different from the usual (and normal) categories of countries, names etc. They were, instead, things like history, chemistry, physics, and commerce/economics. Our maths teacher was laughing her head off and saying only in a school like this would students play Scattergories using categories all to do with academia!

In other news, my half yearlies start next week. Wish me lots and lots of luck! I'll desperately need them. Sydney Girls has practical exams for Chemistry and Physics, which, as you would know, I have never encountered before. There's a very new form of oral exam for English, where I have to have a 'discussion' with my partner on one core text and our chosen texts, and it can't be practised or staged. I have a horrible history with impromptues, and I don't know how I'm supposed to talk for 8 minutes without a prepared script.

One good difference is that there are no normal lessons for us in the two week examination period. In the time and days I don't have exams, I can go home. So it's good that there will be no normal lessons to worry about.