Feb 21, 2011

Super Mario Bros

Noise From the Silence 4 by Shel-yang
I played Super Mario Bros yesterday on my Wii. Grandma bought it from China and it's the first real "game" game that I've played on the Wii. Everything else I've got is mini games of sport. It's a good thing we didn't get to play my disks on at Cinda's birthday party. My maths tutor said that a Wii that's not been hacked yet won't play the pirated copies.

I didn't actually know that. My Wii was probably already hacked because it's bought in China. It was fun, and Mum played with me for a while, but we can't get past the first castle, which is the world after 1-3. We keep getting squished to death by the moving stone platform.

On the topic of Mario, I want to show you some videos of it.

I really like this video, you don't hear the player talk, but you can just see the frustration from the video. I can't help but laugh everytime I hear the "Mario died, try again" music. It's so funny when Mario jumps and you can see that he should be able to get over safely but he hits an invisible block and he falls and dies.

Because I can't seem to be able to embed the video, here's the link.

The next one is a super epic automatic run of mario. Which means, someone created a level of mario that propels mario through the entire level without needing any intervention from the player, often set to music with the sound effects matching the beat.

That's the first time I've embedded a video, well, ever. Google is my friend, without it I might have needed to ask someone to teach me.

Grandma got me some really cute ear rings that I can put on without getting my ears pierced. It's a small ring of silver metal with an opening so I can slip it onto my ear and it has a little umbrella silhouette. I'm wearing them right now, it doesn't hurt and I can't even feel it after I've put it on. I've always wanted ear rings but I'm not that keen on putting a hole anywhere on my body.

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