Feb 12, 2011

Random school stuff

Noise From Silence 2 by Shel-yang
Thought of the day (from chemistry teacher): If a famous scientist says something is impossible, you can usually bet that by the time he's dead he'll be wrong.
Like in Hurlstone, there are chessboards drawn onto the ground. Instead of having to get a teacher for the huge chess pieces though, they are all put in their squares ready to go all day. I’ve seen some girls play chess with them. I wonder how different it is to play with big chess pieces, I want to try it someday.

The bridge club has got a puzzle out on one of the benches in the corridor. The point is that everyone helps to complete it. I think that’s a really cool idea. I saw a completed puzzle when I first arrived, but I just thought that only one group of people could touch it. The new puzzle is one that shows the whole suit of playing cards when it’s finished, I want to try and see if I can help with it. The puzzle’s got 1000 pieces, so I think it’ll be fun and challenging. I tried to do it in the morning today, and it really is fun. I’ve got a few pieces done, but mostly I’m in the process of flipping the pieces the right way up first.

There’s a teacher at Sydney Girls that reminds me of Lucius Malfoy so much. And apparently he seems that way to “everyone”. He has shoulder length white hair, and his features have that aristocrat feel and he’s really tall. He looks quite a lot like Lucius Malfoy and I can’t help but stare at him whenever I see him. His way of speaking is sharpish and strong, so that reminds me of Lucius Malfoy too…Lucius Malfoy is a science teacher!!! A muggle science teacher!

A few days ago a girl was changing into her dancing clothes in maths class because it's the last period. It reminded me of when we change for sport on Monday. We all change in a classroom, but the door is wide open because girls are going in and out all the time and some girls are changing directly in the line of sight from the door. It really doesn't seem to be a big deal at all. But even if there are no boys, there are male teachers...

I hear things from girls that I never expected to hear these things from those cute, quiet, Asian girls. It's not rude things, just things you won't say if there were boys present. I guess what I mean is that they're less lady like and more open about things since there aren't any boys to hear them.

I took a copy of the score for Sydney Girls' school song home and I'll try to learn it. It'll be the first time I've touch my piano in several weeks. Q^Q

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