Jul 20, 2011

A reply to the strange note in a strange place

So I blogged yesterday about the post-it note with "You're beautiful" on it. Today someone wrote under it "i know". :) Why do people write so many things on toilet doors? There's a survey asking what people think about Justin Bieber on one of the toilet doors. Why do people bring sharpies into the toilet?

Jul 19, 2011

Strange notes in strange places

Today I found the following in my Maths text book:

Dear Yr 11er:
If you found curve sketching as boring as I id, perhaps you would prefer to spend your time searching for Wally somewhere in theses pages.
Good Luck =)

Since this is a 471 page text book and I have to do work, I failed to find Wally. :(

I found something else at an never stranger location. On the inside of one of the school toilet doors, someone stuck a yellow post-it note with sticky tape that said "You're beautiful" and drew a red heart after it. On that note other people have written things like "Thanks" and "That made my day".

Just thought I'd share. Maybe something to cheer you up on the first day of school?

Unlike a lot of others, I actually liked coming back to school. For the last few days of the holidays, I was feeling a bit lost, like I didn't really know what I was supposed to do. Getting back into the routine and rhythm of school is comforting.

Jul 5, 2011

10 units or 12 units

I'm facing the choice that all of us will facing sooner or later this year, year 12 subject selection. I'm currently doing 3 unit maths and English, Economics, Chemistry and Physics, making up 12 units. I've already decided I'm not doing extension 2 English or Maths, because it's just not worth it considering the time and effort I have to put in to get a decent mark. But the problem now is that I want to keep doing all 12 units, and mum wants me to drop one of either Economics, Chemistry or Physics, and do only 10 units.

She thinks I should cut out everything unnecessary and focus all of my time on only the necessary works, and not have to waste time on 2 units that aren't going to count towards my ATAR.

Her logic makes sense, but I feel that it leaves no wriggle room at all if something goes wrong. What if I find that the extensions are too hard or that I'm just not getting one of the subjects. What if I can tell that one of the subjects will get a bad mark? Wouldn't it be better to be able to drop that subject?

But it's not just about another option in year 12, it's also about another option in university. It would be to my advantage to have done one more subject. That knowledge might be the keys to doors of opportunity that I might otherwise have missed out on.

But it is true that the time spent on one extra subject may well impact on the results of my other subjects. Year 12 is definitely going to be harder and I might not have time, or maybe just that I would get better results if I'm not doing that one extra subject.

So I need help, what do you think? What you doing? 10 units or 12 units?