Feb 20, 2011

Falling into a rountine, and that's a good thing

Noise From Silence 3 by Shel-yang
It's the end of my third week at Sydney Girls High School. I'm settling down into a routine, I know when to wake up, what train to catch, how to get to classrooms, who to sit with at lunch and where to sit in classes. It's no where as bad as I thought it might be. I was lonely before, but now that I've been adopted into a group, I'm okay.

I've always known how comforting a routine is. I know what to do at a certain time, and if I keep to the routine there's little chance of things going wrong. I feel like I'm back on solid ground and I'm familiar enough to walk along the path without looking around every step of the way. So, changing schools was not the nightmare I anticipated, it's not as horrible as I thought even though I don't know if the benefits will be as good as Mum and Grandma claims.

I'm even chatting with people in class and in group work, a girl automatically included me in her group. She counted me to be in a group with her before anyone else. That's something I'm so grateful for. In class group work everyone naturally gathers with their usual group, and I'm so used to being able to do that myself too. I hate having to walk around wanting someone to take me in like I'm some left over abandoned puppy. To have someone ask for me first in a new school is a good beginning.

How strange to think the first day was only three weeks ago. I never would have expected a person like me to settle down so quickly. I don't know if I've overestimated how shy I would be or underestimated how genuinely nice people are.

I'm reading back on the posts this month, and I guess the experiences have been interesting. We're learning about Changing Self in English, and I would say that for me, this is one turning point. I'll always miss Hurlstone, but I've realised now that I can survive in Sydney Girls too. I've realised that I can cope with this, and I suppose that self-realisation is important. In a new environment where I knew no one, I'm able to find for myself a place I'm comfortable with.

I still don't know most people's names, but that's okay, I'll learn, one step at a time.


  1. I'm glad all is well for u ^^ Nice and lovely people would never end up as lonely, trust me :D From S, I heard that heaps of people don't like our other hurstonian because she did/said some offensive things reagarding SGHS... Please tell me it isn't true and that she's settling too :(

    btw, I hope you will learn a lot about Changing Self in English because you have been undergoing so much change of late.

    Hurlstone just isn't the same without you but everyone has to make their way into the world at some point.

    love you

  2. Hey Xiao, guess what?

    I found your blog. (duh) :D Glad to hear that you're settling in! Wish you could be here... but that's life, I guess.


  3. It took me a while, but I've finally realised who LL is. I didn't expect you to find this blog. Who told you?

    I wish I'm there too, or you're here (lol), but that's life. If wishes were horses then beggars could ride.

    Well, I'm glad you found my humble abode on the vast vast internet. Come and take a look when you want to know what's happening with me, or just whenever you feel like it, I guess. I would be estatic if you could come more often and talk to me.

    *hugs you, and touches you hair, hey! don't you run away like that, it's not like I'm going to eat you* There's girls with hair like yours in Sydney Girls, but I don't know any of them well enough to play with their hair yet...I sound creepy, I'm not, really. You know how cats just can't help but play with cat toys or wool balls, I'm like that with nice hair.

  4. Hmmm I finally remembered which post I commented on! ==" I think next time I'll just comment on the earliest post :D I believe hikarihayashi told me (assuming that hikarihayashi is the person who sits next to me in roll call). And did I notice this fascination of yours before? Yes, I probably did. *hugs you back & dodges hand*