Feb 9, 2011

Friends! and House Meeting

Leaf by Fengjing
I found a group to sit with during recess and lunch. They seem to be really nice girls. Time will tell whether we’ll be good friends or not, but I’ll be optimistic for once and lean towards yes. I’m sitting with Claire in maths and it’s great (but I see her no where else). We don’t talk much because she’s one to get all the maths homework done in the lesson, but that’s what’s so good about it. I’ll also be rushing and rushing to finish everything with her, privately racing with her to see if I can get it done before her. It’s wonderful because I don’t have any maths homework to do at home. I wouldn’t be so productive if I wasn’t sitting next to her. Thanks Claire!

Maths is really boring right now. It’s basically revision and we’ve done all of it before. The teacher rushes through and makes us do homework (only the last column in every exercise, thankfully). She wants us to just get through it, be done with it and get on to the new things. She says there’s a lot of work to go through in 3 unit maths, so the easy stuff has to be done as quickly as possible.

There was a house meeting today in preparation of the swimming carnival. Sydney Girls doesn’t have its own pool, so we have to go to Des Renford Aquatic Centre, wherever that is. I’m in Macquarie, and the house colour is green! I asked a girl, and she said Macquarie won last year. We’re encouraged to wear our house colour, but there’s no costume theme or funny promotional videos like in Hurlstone. I have a feeling that it won’t be as wild or as hyped up as Hurlstone’s carnivals, being an all girls school might have something to do with it. We only practised one chant! And it wasn’t a chant that you could be very loud at either.

Sydney Girls’ has a really comprehensive technology network. They also have an I drive, where the teachers put information, and H drive for handing in stuff, and a moodle. Now we have those last three too, but we generally don’t use it that much. Take Sydney Girls’ Chemistry moodle page, it has more than one page of links and files and notes for each chapter. How good is that?

Sydney Girls’ has a school email system, independent from the DET email system. The teacher’s use it to send out notices either personally or to everyone in the school or grade. It’s used a lot and if you’re not connected or not checking it daily, it’s likely that you’ll miss out on a lot. It’s used like a messenger or even like the PA system. I got an email on Wednesday or Tuesday telling me to go to the PE office about my sports choices, no other methods were used to try and get me. Some announcements, especially if only to a small group of students, aren’t put on the daily notices, so the email is very important. It is very convenient, but I’ve never seen a school that’s so tech-savvy.

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