Mar 7, 2011

Physics Homework almost killed me

Black Dress
I typed up 8 pages of summary notes in one sitting, and that's, what, 5 hours straight. My shoulders feel weak, my wrists feel weak, my fingers feel weak, my brain feels like much. I did another 6 pages on Friday. The sad thing is I feel like that's this homework has been the thing that's made me learn the most in physics, the teacher is that bad.

No one gets what he's trying to say and he doesn't care. And he's our sub for the whole term or more until the new teacher comes. By that time it's probably be too late, we don't know the basics. Everyone is saying "I'm blaming him if I get bad marks". :P

Reading Cinda's post (I immediately favourited that website she recommended) I'm reminded that I also came across a website with nice wallpapers. These are pretty cool, in my opinion, check them out.

Uhhhhh, shoulders are stiff, I can't even crack my neck.....

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