Feb 7, 2011

Sport for the first time

Riddle: I fell asleep on the bus, and woke up again. I was surprised, why?

Because I’m the bus driver. (This riddle was from my English tutor)

Sydney Girls High School has an eight period day, with recess after third period and lunch after fifth period. The timetable that cycle once every week, instead of once every six days like in Hurlstone. The classes don’t change from week to week, and the bell times don’t change either, so the routine is quite a bit more regular. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before. Helena, what were the timetable and bell times like in Macfields?

I did sport for the first time today. I don’t know about the other grades, but our year only has periods four and five where we do something like our Wednesday sport. I’m doing tennis coaching this term because Ultimate Frisbee only had two people in it, so it can’t run. :’( I wanted to play Ultimate Frisbee, I remember playing it with Mr Wilson junior.

The tennis courts are practically just across the road, but because it’s such a wide road we had to wait for the lights three times. It was pretty fun, but it's really nice and cool today. I think I might like it less when the sun is beating down at me when I’m playing it. It’s very much beginner tennis, and when they say "coaching" they really do mean coaching. We were taught how to do forehand, backhand and smash. The basics basics. We played some games that lets us practise our swings, but there wasn't any real tennis playing. I could hear some of the more experienced girls saying they want to switch.

The rollcall teacher for tennis asked me what year I was in (and you know where this is going!), I replied year 11, and she had a surprised look on her face and said “Year 11!” No more than 10 minutes later I was talking to a year 9 girl, and she asked me what year I was in. After I said I was in year 11, her jaws dropped down and she cried in disbelief, “What! You’re in year 11?!” She actually thought I was in year 7 or 8. She was shorter than me, and her face was the chubby cute type too. She tried to comfort me by saying it’s a good thing. But I think that if you look young, people trusts you less. It’s hard to give people the impression that you’re serious and dependable when you look young. So that’s not really a good thing.

I found my blog on Google. I am shocked. I saw in the stats page that one of the search keywords is Hurlstone. So just out of curiosity, I googled Hurlstone in the domain of blogspot.com, and I found my posts. That’s so strange. The other two was ‘tumblr: “click to feed fish”’, which probably has something to do with my little fish feeding gadget. But the other one was “the phone with grandma”, how strange is that? I don’t know how the search keyword works, but why would someone search “the phone with grandma”?

Don’t you find it strange when your readers have IP addresses from places like Denmark, Brazil and India? I really want to be able to colour in the whole world map, collect page views from foreign countries :’D I think it might just be proxies though.

I want to know what you guys are doing in English. We just finished the film Samson and Delilah for the topic Changing Self today. So what movies are you doing? What books, what area of study? Mr Hancock said Extension English will be doing crime writing sometime in the course of the year, but what about Advanced or whatever you’re doing?

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