Feb 28, 2011

Folk Lore, and finally a break from Nutella sandwiches

This will be my 26th post in February, and that means I've only had one day in the month I haven't posted something (because I deleted one post). I have too much time on my hands. I have a feeling (which may or may not come true) that I might ease up on blogging after this month.

So, this remarkable feat of posting around 500-700 words everyday might never be achieved again. Maybe I should try writing an actual story. The problem with that is that I'm so dissatisfied with what I've written when I go back after a while I can't keep going.
On Friday morning, I was taking the bus to school. Another bus went from behind us to being level with our bus. As it was overtaking us, we saw that a boy at the back of the bus was mooning us. He had his pants down and was pressing his naked butt onto the glass window, and kept holding it there until his bus went past. I can say that was a first for me. But guess what, we overtook them again, so ha :'P

I told you about the ghost story telling session we had in Physics. Well there was something that an Indian girls told us that she believes. She says that if you sleep with your hair out, a ghost/spirit will come and sit behind you and count your hair. -One, one, one, one- If he counts all your hair before you wake up, you die. That something she believes and she never sleeps with her hair out.

I've also been reading ghost stories, albeit ones about Chinese/Japanese ones, and every culture has these superstitions that are so well constructed over time and so detailed sometimes it seems they're real. There is this ghost, they will do something to you if you do this, and you have to do this to get rid of them.

The rules of how you should act and what you shouldn't do to provoke them are so clear cut and definite. That's something I love about xxxHolic, it has stories about Japanese spirits and how to interact with them, I think they're very interesting. And you can find out so much just from browsing the internet, these folk lore are everywhere.

I think they're cautionary tales to stop people from doing things like going out late at night, sleeping with their hair out or killing other people. Actually, I haven't heard anything like this from the western world (does the fair folks count?), is it because they don't have it or because I don't know enough about it?

I've tried out my new made in Japan (but brought in China) thermos lunch box, it's more like a cylinder, but that's not the point. I took fried rice and it was still warm at lunch! For the foreseeable future, until Grandma goes back to China again, I probably won't be eating sandwiches.

I've been eating Nutella sandwiches almost lunchtime since year 6 and I've been eating peanut butter sandwiches almost lunchtime from the time I first went to an Australian school til I started eating Nutella. I'm utterly sick of peanut butter and I can't even stand to see it even now. I'm starting to dislike Nutella sandwiches (though I still like it on hot toast).

What I really dislike is the taste and texture of the bread when It's not fresh (and after the third or fourth day they definitely aren't). I've been eating sandwiches, and that means sandwich bread, almost every lunchtime, for 8 years now. It's time for some change, I get so jealous when other people brings really yummy foods for lunch like sushi and wrap and chilli curry tomato potato mixture filled sandwich and noodles and ...... (3674 words omitted here)

It's also the first day of Uni today, just thought I'd mention that.

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