Jan 5, 2011

First post of the year

First post of the new year! (even if it's several days after the 1st) I wish everyone a wonderful, fulfilling year ahead of us. Year 11 is going to be a lot tougher than the years before, and it's likely to be more fast paced than we're used to, so let's work hard everyone. :-)

To start the year off with a laugh (hopefully), I present to you a funny website called (The Customer is) Not Always Right. This website showcases many many (410 pages as of today) anecdotes of when the customer is being stupid and when the salesperson is made of pure win.

I spent hours on Not Always Right last night and I laughed out loud so many time. The stupidity of some customers begins to make your faith in humanity falter. Not Always Right is extraordinarily funny, so I had to share it. Tell me if you like it! (I've learnt that my tastes are not always the same as other people's, so tell me if you didn't like it too)

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