Dec 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year

Thirty first of December. Last day of 2010 people. Who’s going to see the fireworks? I know I’m not, but I went last year. Fireworks looks epic anywhere, but it only feels right when you watch it with lots and lots of other people, with everyone going “oooh” and “ahhhh” and “wow”. I don’t have Australian TV antennas installed, so I can’t even stay up late to watch it on TV.  It’s a shame, I watched the midnight fireworks on TV a few years ago. I was curled up on the sofa with the volume turned down low and everyone else in the house sleeping, and it was actually pretty fun.
Speaking of fireworks, for about a week now, someone near my house has been lighting fireworks or crackers. Once it gets darker I hear “bang bang bang” sounds, and sometimes even as late as when I’m in bed. At first I was a bit scared because it sounded like gun shots, but it wasn’t (probably). L There was just a really loud one going off just then, with a bit of screaming from a girl, and you know what, that really sounds like something dangerous.
And there was a small fire a bit down my street today. It was a really small one, on the grassy strip outside the house. And no one is in the house I think. The fire itself wasn’t that bad, but it was caused by the electricity box thingie going a bit haywire. So there was this really loud ‘bizzzzz’ sound occasionally and it sounded pretty scary, like someone could get electrocuted by that anytime.
 Mum was saying to me, “Look that’s the fire, we have to call 000, but don’t get too close, don’t get too close, don’t get too close!” Haha, she’s pretty concerned with it. I thought this would be the first time I got to call 000, but another family called them first. I’ve never called 000 before, ever. I wonder what they say to you. The fire service was really quick though. When we went out in the late afternoon the traffic lights outside our avenue were gone and the house that had the fire outside was sealed with yellow tapes.
…Well, it’s an experience. Anyway, Happy New Year, and happy fireworks watching. J

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