Jan 14, 2011

Burwood Westfields

I went to Burwood with Mum today. When she was doing acupuncture and banking, I went to Burwood Westfields. I was looking around for birthday presents for Cinda and Linda, and I do hope they like what I got for them. One thing is that my skirt was so light that when I walked down the street it tried to fly up at the slightest breeze. Luckily I spent most of my shopping time indoors.

Aside from the presents, I also bought my new school shoes (they needed to be brown, so my faithful black school shoes that had accompanied me for four years had to go) and a new DVD player, because the old one was broken. Now Mum heard that Burwood had a good sushi place, so we went to eat there. It had a sushi train, one of those conveyor belts with plates of sushi going around. They tasted yummy, and I found that I could eat some raw fish if I there was wasabi on it. Usually I can't stand raw fish. The colour of the sushi plates showed how much it cost, and the plates were stuck on the wall with the price underneath it, so we kept on turning around to check the price. The meal wasn't very expensive, we had 6 plates of sushi and a can of green tea, and the total came up to $28 something.

Aside from the normal sushis like salmon and tuna etc, there were shark fin sushi, hot (in the chili way) sushi, grilled salmon sushi and other variety I don't remember. Anyway, we had lots of fun. I found the green tea I liked to drink in Japan, and realised that the reason I liked it was because it tastes so much like Chinese tea, except a little less bitter. :-D

The restaurant was pretty authentic, and the waitresses spoke Japanese. They said "irasshaimase" (Welcome to the store) when you came in, and "arigatou gozaimasu" (Thank you very much) when you left. The cashier even hands the change back in the Japanese way, with the note held on both ends and the coins on top, so the note is like a container for the coins. It's only when I saw it today that I realised that's how everyone did it in Japan too.

My mind makes connections in strange ways, but I remember now that I drank some coffee with Mum in Gloria Jeans before shopping. The cakes and things at Gloria Jeans tastes yuck, by the way. Their coffee is good, but the food, not so much. It might just be because it's the one at Burwood Plaza though. Anyway, the reason I remembered that was because I remembered that the teachers that took us to Japan was always looking for Starbucks. It's like they were on a mission to try out every Starbucks they come across, and as far as I know, they did just that. Coffee addicts, the lot of them.

So I thought that it's strange that in most overseas countries the most common coffee place is Starbucks, and Starbucks is More famous internationally, but in Australia it's Gloria Jeans. I asked the teachers, and they said it's because Gloria Jeans was in Australia first, and when Starbucks came, the market was already taken by Gloria Jeans, so Starbucks had to pack up and go home. So that's the end of the random thought of the day.

It's nice that I'm able to actually write so much now. Grandma was always nagging me to practice writing. She said I should keep a diary, and even a small passage a day is a good start. I guess keeping a blog is good for that. This blog is sort of like a sort of diary/writing practise/entertainment/way to chat/way to contact friends for me now. Truly multi purposed.


  1. Haha, i agree with your blog statement, but there's a problem. It is like a reinforcement of the laptops - to type more than you write. :L:L

    Oh what! Brown school shoes? O_O Thats....dot dot dot. What does your syd girls uniform look like? ^^ I have a feeling you told me this, but i've forgotten T_T"

    Also, where was the place you ate sushi? I want to eat sushi too on a conveyor belt thing one day!! <3

    I was also wondering why there weren't any starbucks branches in Australia! And i never thought too highly of Gloria Jeans, their stuff is expensive. But i can't judge because i've never eaten anything from Gloria Jeans although you see them in practically every store / mall / shop.

    I like the way you referenced Japanese style and behaviour in your blog, very fluent! Hence my envy of your perfect english writing skills. I'd probably never be able to write something so fluent and perfectly jointed in a short time.

  2. That's very true, but even typing improves writing skills (handwriting not withstanding).

    The senior uniform is the one I'm going to wear. It consists of a white blouse with the school crest on it; a brown skirt; white socks (can not be anklets); brown leather school shoes; optional brown vest or jumper; and optional brown blazer.

    I don't actually remember what the sushi place is called, but it's on Burwood road between the train station and Westfields, but on the other side of the road. I really didn't pay attention, I'm sorry. But that's definately not the only sushi train in these parts, I saw one on Darling Harbour that looked good too.

    I'm glad you like my little piece of Japan trip, I'm always fasinated by the different culture and customs between different countries. I don't think my English is that good, hince the need for practise. I don't knwo why you think it fluent and well joined, I just wrote whatever came to mind, the Starbucks and Gloria Jeans bit looks pretty disjointed to me. But why did you think I wrote it in a short time?