Jan 21, 2011

Technology help

Okay, I need some help with digital cameras. What is the difference, if any, between Sony HX5C, HX5V and HX5? I've been trying to find the price in Australia for Sony HX5C on the internet, but I can see they're all from China. I think that maybe (and that's a big maybe), HX5 and HX5C might be the same thing, and the C stands for classic or something.

If any of you know, I'd appreciate some help.

I don't know anything about buying digital cameras, so if you have any suggestions or advice, any at all, I would welcome them.

Mum is not working today, and she's going to cook steak for lunch. Yummy! There's mushrooms, and lettuce, and I'm going to be making the mashed potato. It'll be made from the potatoes I planted and harvested from the school. I saw that some of them has sprouted (did you know they go wrinkly when the sprout? It's like the nutrients went to the shoots and the potato shrinks), but most of them should still be good to eat.

Have you all finished eating your potatoes? Did you get them in the first place? I thought they were really yummy, but I'm biased towards potatoes. I love them! :'D Haha, I'm just really happy Mum is home today. We usually never get the opportunity to spend time together. When she's home I have to go to school, and our holidays only ever meet up in the school holidays. Happy, happy, happy. I'm going to play wii with her, and sing, and do lots of fun things.

Mum acts childish at times, but she's the cutest that way! It might seem a bit weird to describe my own Mum as cute, but she is, in the little kid way. I hug her and kiss her and pinch her cheeks a lot, then she pouts and gets that cute expression on her face.


  1. I'm so glad that you have fun with ur mum :) Mine doesn't do kiddy things but she plays badmiton with me. btw, if you have a fun game that isn't wii sports or rayman will you bring it (and ur wii motes) to me and Linda's party? I'm deprived of wii stuff lol

    I honestly don't know much about ur camera choices, sorry. I've only been setting my eyes on one camera and I only know about it.

  2. I don't mind bringing the games and wii motes, but I don't know if you want to play them. They're all brought in China, and you know how they are. They're all very obvious, um, not the real thing, if you know what I mean.

    I have 4 wii games, and all of them are sports games, There's Wii Sports in Chinese, a not very good sports game in English, and the Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics are both in Japanese.

    I could still play them, they say the selection in English at the main menu, they show you what yo do with your wii motes and I've pretty much got the important stuff (back to main menu, play again) through trial and error.

    I'll bring my wii-motes so we can play 4 person games if we want, but you tell me if you want me to bring the games (and which one(s)).

    I just remembered something, and this is a bit silly. But how do I get to your house. I know you went into the side street after you got off the bus at that bustop after the school, but where so I go after that?

  3. Ok, so I'll pick u up at the station along with maryanne, Cindy and maybe Jedda. Transport = walking if it's alright with you :p It's hard to park there.

    THanks so much. Bring ur wii motes and both mario games :)

    And since my comment won't work, i'll spam urs. In reply to "house on fire" you can do stuff like that too.

    Download a 30 day trial version of Adobe photoshop cs5 then a keygen if you want it illegal. It's the newest and best with really neat features.

    Btw, I just deleted photoshop after cracking it because I felt guilty. I will never photoshop again, on version cs5 anyways.

  4. Xiao, you're so lucky you have so much fun with your mum. I don't quite pinch her cheeks or anything, but i'm closer to my mum than Cinda is to hers. :p

    When you buy a digital camera, look around and see, pick it up, look at its settings. I like cameras with lots of zoom (around 12x), but that has proven useless because usually, if the zoom is high, if you want to use it, you must have a very very very steady hand.

    An image stabilizer is always a plus, if you have shaky hands like i do. If there is a function where you can adjust the lighting - i.e. tunsgen setting if you're in a house, daylight setting in a backyard, cloudy setting if the sky is cloudy...these influence the lighting of the pictures. I had an old camera where i took a picture of something in the house, and everything was so orange because there was a yellow globe in the house. Likewise, everything was blue in the picture when there was a fluroescent sort of globe in the house.

    Also, ask the shop manager if the lens are good. Those are pretty important in a camera in general.

    If the camera has lots of megapixels, thats also a bonus, those cameras usually take really high quality photos with lots of detail.

    I'm not sure about the Sony HX5C, HX5V and HX5, i might check them out and tell you what i think later.

    I already ate my potatoes harvested from school. However, i think none of us in the family are used to that potato variety, because Dad vomitted later, mum and my brother and i all got stomach aches. I dont particularly love potatoes, probably because my dad cooks them so weird - he dices it up and puts them in a huge wok, then mixes carrot, green peas, onions, pork meat, and stirs like crazy. The potatoes end up half mashed anyway.

    But i love chips, so lets just say potatoes are cool :L:L

  5. Okay Cinda, will do. I'm fine with being picked up at the station. And how do I crack photoshop? I really want to know.

    Well Helena, someone's recommended that camera, and I trust their judgement, so I just went with it.

    And your family got sick from eating the potatoes? That's weird, I didn't know it was possible to get sick from not being used to a variety of vegetable...

    Grandma cooks it really nicely by dicing them, shallow frying them first and them stir frying with meat from chicken drunmsticks. It needs a bit of preparation, like taking the chicken meat off the bones, but it tastes so nice.

  6. http://www.whynotphotoshop.com/adobe-photoshop-cs5-serial-number-100-working/

    look beneath the fail video... Try some of them codes. There's a whole heap lol. It worked on the 7th time for me. Download cs5 trial version first from adobe website :p

  7. Now teach me how do make the comment thing work. i.e. copy and paste ur code from ur template for me please? :p