Jan 18, 2011

iPod/iPhone situation

There's been some problem with the purchase of iPod Touch. I was on the phone with Grandma earlier, she had to call a relative (Grandma's eldest sister's daughter, what would I call her in English?) that's better at the technological things.

Since Grandma's English is as good as any grandma who's never learnt English before, I think she was really vague and the relative thought she was talking about the iPhone. Now apparently, the people who makes the product is being sneaky and stopped production in China. So when they do actually release some, the products get snatched up super quickly, and I assume, really expensively.

They are sold in Hong Kong, but when they're taken back over the border into China, you have to pay a ridiculously high tax. So now Mum's saying we might as well buy it in Australia. I'm not really that hung up on it, if I get it I'm happy, if I don't then I won't be upset either.

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