Jan 17, 2011

Computer was being mean

AAAAAHHHH. It took me so long to finish changing the blog skin this time because Internet Explorer froze up so many times. My computer is also being slow. Soooooo slow. I got so frustrated I restarted my computer three times and Internet Explorer who knows how many time. I pretty much use ctrl+alt+delete about three times a day to force "not responding" programs to close. Frustrating to the extreme.

This time I'm using blogspot's template designer, which I haven't touched before. It gives a good range of choices to pick from, and the backgrounds are really nice! There's one with Chinese characters and three with maple leaves that I want to use later. I like the linkbar gadget it gives. It's exactly like the one Helena has and is by far the best way to display links I've used so far. Granted, I'm still new to this blogging thing.

Good new! Mum is going to get Grandma to get me an iPod Touch in China. It's about 1300 Chinese dollars and she said that's not too expensive. I'll definitely have to streamline my music collection once I get it. Right now I have 4552 songs and only 9.9 GB free in my 80 GB iPod Classic. I only realised after the iPod began complaining that it's not really designed to be used as a storage device. By then it freezes up one time out of three when I plug it into the computer.

It'll be presents time when Grandma gets back from China. A new camera, iPod Touch and other assortments of food, clothing and jewelry. Woho! \\ (^ o ^) //


  1. NICE! LOL, but Xiao, an ipod Touch doesn't have too much storage, so some of the stuff you have on there probably won't end up on your ipod Touch once you've looked at those addicting apps and downloaded them all, only to have a little bit of space left for your music and stuff :\ Congrats anyway! I should have brought an ipod touch at China instead too! :s

  2. The price in China and here is actually about the same once you convert the currency. There's only a few hundred Chinese dollars difference, and that's not really a lot.

    I've had a talk with Mum, and it's been determined that I won't buy one, here or in China. Mum's encouraging me to get one, but I don't think I really need it. I don't really play games anyway. So that's that.

  3. Haha, i'm not the gaming type either (except for the occassional plants vs zombies when i'm trying to relieve stress), and some other games, but i still ended up loving the ipod touch apps.

    Does reading ebooks on your ipod touch persuade you? *wink wink.

    Of course, you don't need to get one, i'm just playing the role of a ... mediator. :L:L