Jan 23, 2011

Technology hates me

For years now I've had a problem with my iPod where it displays some of the titles of my Chinese songs as a jumble of English letters with accents and weird symbols. The reason I had that problem was because I didn't set my computer to recongnise Chinese unicode. So I changed the unicode setting about a year ago, but the mixed up Chinese titles didn't revert back. I thought, okay, that's alright, I can still listen to the songs, it's not that big a deal. But it's annoying to listen to a song I like and not know the name so I can't go back to it.

Today, I was going to clean up my ipod, delete some songs I don't like and things like that. So I double click on a song with a messed up title on iTunes to listen to it, and it magically reverted back to Chinese! How was I supposed to know playing them in iTunes will make the Chinese display again? Ugh, and I've been listening to them with messed up titles for a year now, I can't believe it could have been fixed so easily. *bangs head on desk*

Even though it's easy to do, I have a lot of songs. Over 4000 of them, and I would say more than half of those are Chinese songs with messed up titles. That's why I spent the whole evening sitting in front of my computer and double clicking on songs. I double clicked on 1891 songs this evening, and I'm not done yet. On top of that I still want to delete duplicate songs to clear up space. I didn't expect this to be such a big project... TT.TT My right shoulder and wrist are complaining to me. Is there an easier way?


  1. HI XIAO!
    I have to clean up my ipod songs too, although i dont have messed up titles, there are duplicates everywhere. I expect it to be a long project too. Don't sit too long at the computer, i did once, and my right hand wrist went spazzy after that and it was very weak when i played piano. :\ My left hand was already weak due to misuse. I never knew playing songs on itunes would get the chinese characters back! Thanks for the tip!

  2. My korean characters still don't work after playing on itunes D: Don't ask why I started listening to k-pop haha

    Helena, do u play scales daily? that might be why the weak hand :p My left hand's been weak from no pianoing for too long haha, but I went canoeing the other day so my left hand is back to normal.

  3. Ummm, to be honest, i dont play scales daily, although i really should. I did that once and my left hand couldnt keep up with my right and kept protesting in pain. :L:L

  4. Cinda, why/when did you start listening to k-pop? You didn't before? K-pop is good, nothing wrong with listening to it.

    There's an option in control panel that changes the unicode and there's one option that has something to do with Chinese. I changed it to that and that's how I got the song titles back. I don't know about Korean.