Dec 12, 2010

'Talk' About Getting a Part-time Job

Mum and grandma had a Talk (with a capital T) with me after dinner. They want me to get a part-time job, not for the money, but for the work experience. They especially want me to go work for McDonald's. I don’t really mind doing part-time jobs, but how do I go about getting a job?
This work experience thing is something that’s come up time and time again. They really want me to have work experience because employers don’t want workers that don’t have any prior work experience. I know that I’m really not in a very good position, I don’t have any good points other than a good academic result. I don’t have work experience, I don’t do sport, I don’t have any volunteering experience, I basically don’t do anything extra-curricular. And that’s very very bad. Even universities give priority to students with good ‘leadership qualities’ and stuff. SO, now I’m looking at myself and sort of despairing a little bit.
Aside from not knowing how to get a job, I’m pretty shy, I think. I used to be scared of talking to strangers at all, but now I’ve improved and am only scared of asking strangers for anything I don’t think I can rightly expect from them. Like, for example, asking them for a job.
Do any of you work part-time jobs? What do you suggest?

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