Dec 12, 2010

School Certificate Results

School Certificate results were received on the 9th of December 2010. (Why did it take me so long to write about it?!) All band 6 except for Geography (5 marks away from band 6 L), highly competent (98%) for Computer Skills and all straight A's for course results. I’m more than satisfied with my results. I know that some people say that it doesn’t mean anything, and it probably isn’t all that important (my math tutor tells me I can now use it as toilet paper), I still wouldn’t want to do badly in any test.
And School Certificate is now officially done and dusted. Since we’re going on to year 11 and 12, SC doesn’t mean very much. And once we get into university no one will look at our HSC, by then it’s the university scores that matter.
Year 11 will be a large leap forward from year 10; faster progress, harder work. I hope I manage to get through it alright. I really wish I could have made that adjustment with the support of you guys. I’ll really miss you all (expect to see that phrase quite a bit).
After the ceremony, there was afternoon tea under the cola of fruit and finger foods, but I didn’t really like the food. It was my last day and so I was sort of milling around outside the crowd wanting to say goodbye to people. I guess I was shy, so I didn’t actually get to say good bye to many people. I’m sorry. L I’ll miss you all a lot.

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