Dec 23, 2010

City Trip (and photos)

First went to Queen Victoria's building and had an ice cream, one for mum and one for me. (She's like a little kid, so childish :D). Then we walked to Darling Harbour and it's always been one of my favourite place. It's a place that makes me very carefree, no matter when I go there.

The sight of the rippling waves, the unique smell of the sea brought by the sea breezes; the feel of the ocean always calms me down. It's as if my mind follows the gently rippling lights or blue, red and yellow on the water, and everything else just gets washed away, insignificant. It's an interesting contrast, walking along the Darling Harbour. On one side of me is the ocean, the calm nature, dark, quiet, subdue. On the other is the loud hustle and bustle of the seaside restaurants, so busy and so human. The two opposites are both fascinating when experienced on their own, but combined, they form a scene equally entrancing.

After some time spent at Darling Harbour, we went to Chinatown to get something to eat. We eventually found a really good Chinese noodle restaurant that also sold my favourite dish: sheep kebab! (don't know if that's what it's actually called). It was soooo yummy. It had chili and cumin and other spices on it that made it taste so good. My mouth is watering just from thinking about it. The noodles were great too, had a bit of chili oil on it, yummy.

Coming back to the station, I saw lost of bar filled with people in really nice, professional clothing. My first thought was, "It's so late, don't they have work tomorrow?", and the second is, "I want to be like them." :( I want to live in the city, and wear nice clothes, and chat with friends at bars until 11 at night.

It was a really good trip, great experience, wonderful foods. City is a place I can visit over and over again and never get sick of.

Any way, photos time!

Queen Victoria's Building

Delicious chocolate

We didn't eat here, but there were lots of Japanese restaurants in Chinatown

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