Dec 17, 2010

Poor doggie...

Well, I said I was going to change skins very frequently, so what do you think of the new one? Better? Worse? No difference?

This morning, someone left a dog in front of my neighbour's house. It was left in a cardboard box, and when they let it out it was shaking like a leaf. It can't seem to put any weight on its right hindleg, so my neighbours say maybe that's why it was thrown out. It was a really cute puppy too, I really wish I could have taken it in, but mum and grandma are deathly scared of dogs, even really really small ones.

My neighbour said that her husband saw a car circling on our avenue before, and those are probably the people that threw it out. If they don't want it, they should sent it to an animal shelter (my neighbour said that costs $50, is that why they didn't do it? It's no excuse) *sigh* Poor thing... What if it died out there? I can't believe people would do something like that.

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