Dec 8, 2010

First Post of My First Blog

So I've jumped onto the bandwagon and joined the blogging trend. Here I am with my first ever post on my first ever blog which, as it happens, is also the first thing I've posted onto the internet. Round of applause please, my first step into the big scary world of blogging needs to be celebrated.

Wish me luck, and hope I might actually continue adding to this (it would help if you keeping reminding me to do it). I might also customize the appearance of the blog a bit when I find the time to work out how everything works. But I'm not a very techno-savvy person, so it might take some doing. Those blogging veterans with really nice blogs already, I would be really happy if I could get some pointers from you guys (I'm looking at you Helena, Cinda and Maryanne).

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