Dec 23, 2010

Been away for a few days

Sorry the blog was a bit wonky for a few days, I just changed the skin really really late at night but didn't adjust everything else. I thought I'd fix it the next day but I didn't, so it was left like that for a few days. But everything's okay now, I think. The cbox is moved to the other side, so it shouldn't be cramped any more. I quite like this skin, so I think I sticking with this one for more than a week.

On an entirely unrelated note, I got myself a tumblr, it's at Nothing much is on there yet, but check it out if you want.

So I was busy. On Monday I went with a friend (20 something years old) to work at her jewelry stand job. I went to get "experience", so I didn't get any money for it. Mum and grandma were so happy with that. The stand was in St Claire Shopping centre, and we had to take the train to to Mt Druit (sp?), and that's several stations down from Blacktown (don't remember where we changed trains) And then take the bus to St Claire.

That place was really isolated and there weren't a lot of people, so business was astoundingly bad. Two and a half hours after opening the stand, we made $20... O_o That's two people, and $20 in the course of two and a half hours. My friend said that it's usually a lot busier in other places. But here, I just sat for several hours, played games on my laptop, listened to my ipod. If I actually was working there, I would have spent about half as much as I would have earnt in wages on food I bought there. I also found that I have some skills at organising and arranging jewelry. (Okay, just a little)

It got busier by 4-5 pm, and at the end of the day we made a little more than $200. According to my friend, she usually makes three times as much. I also bought a necklace for my mother as birthday present, which, by the way, is on Christmas day! She's the perfect present for grandma and grandpa, except that we don't celebrate Christmas, especially not back in the days she was born in.

There's no photo, because my photo taking skills fail at close range (shaky hands) but I'll do my best to describe it. The pendant a is teardrop shaped turquoise stone, set in a (fake) diamond teardrop shaped frame. Okay, that was a really bad description. There's a teardrop shaped turquoise, with fake diamonds surrounding it... (that was also bad, meh)

But it's a surprise, so I'm hoping my mum will like it.

Afterwards, the girl working at the other jewelry stand there gave me a MyMulti ticket that's still valid for a day. The result of which is a trip to the city the next night.

I have some decent photos, but none are as good as I would like it to be. I asked my mum if I could get a new camera, and she said yes! With what I know of her though, I won't expect it too soon.

The post about the city is below, it would be really long if I combined them, and I don't like that. So read the post below. It's more interesting than this one.

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