Jan 4, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Ok, as per Helena's suggestion, I'm going to try and make some New Year's resolutions (if slightly late). These will be my goals for the year 2012, and this is my letter to myself:

  1. Stop procrastinating. This one is huge. I know I could be so much less stress and do so much better if I hadn't left work to the last minute because I keep putting them off.
  2. Have better time management. This is related to the above point. Don't put too much time into projects/assessments/subjects that don't deserve the effort. Be clever with time and effort put in. Don't spend time doing an assignment that doesn't count for HSC marks when you could be studying for that exam that's weighted at 25%.
  3. Wean off fanfiction. It's too good a time waster. It's a black hole. Don't get tempted, don't get distracted. There will be time for that later, after the HSC. This exam is important if you want to get into a good course.
  4. Don't stress. If you don't get a good ATAR, it's not the end of the world. There are other ways to get to where you want to be in life. If it's almost time for exams and you have to cram, it's already too late. You're better off getting a good night's sleep. Sleeping works. Remember it.
  5. Try to work out where you want to go after high school. Try and find a goal, something to work towards. What's a good career? What are you interested in? Even a vague direction is fine. Ask people if you have no idea.
  6. Be more active in interact with other people. Not just friends, but strangers too. Don't be scared of making that phone call to ask for more information or change that appointment. It's better to do that than to have events/meetings not work out and have no way of fixing it, and having to make that phone call/ask them anyway.
Next year I'll do a review and see how much I've achieved in terms of these resolutions. Hopefully I'll have at least improved in some aspects.

p.s. According to my English teacher, putting up a big poster with the mark you want in your study space helps you get that mark. It's testified to work by some of her students last year. Shall I try it?


  1. haha, fanfiction is blocked for me, how convenient. :o

    These sound like pretty good goals! Most of them apply to me too! Except for me, instead of time management, it should be following a planned schedule. Nothing i ever schedule ends up happening. LOL.

    And I gave up on my career a long time ago. I'll let my ATAR decide that.

    I want to try that big poster with the mark thing! And yes, sleep helps. ALOT.

  2. HIKARIYOURMUMISAGENIUS :D I wished my mum blocked everything so I wouldn't get distracted by msning,facebooking,twittering and deviantarting during every single one of my study breaks and do my stretches + exercise instead :S

    @Xiao: I like your last resolution! make it happen ^o^ I think that number 6 should be one of my resolutions too lolz. I have a talking-on-the-phone phobia for some reason :/ but I can strike conversations with random strangers C: is it weird that i find it harder to strike conversations with people i know a little better than strangers but aren't quite friends with? o_O"

  3. They're good goals, I just want to be able to reach them. I'm probably going to leave thinking of career/uni course after I get my mark too. Ah, also, don't forget to keep an eye out for scholarships and early entrance etc. and apply for everything you are eligible for. They come fairly early I think, and you don't want to miss them.

    Who's blocking you? Parents? I'm not really on ff.net anymore, I go to livejournal and Archives of Our Own for my fix.

    I just remembered I can use html codes other than italics and bold in comments, so I'm going wild.
    Html codes are love <3
    But blogger won't let me use the more complicated ones :(

    @Cinda: Not weird at all. With strangers you sort of don't care what they think because you're never really seeing them again. With friends you're comfortable talking and having a conversation, but for those in between people it's the worst of both worlds. You don't know them well enough to be comfortable but well enough to be afraid of them judging.

  4. blah, so many html codes do not work in comments...

    With strangers, you don't care what they think because it's a one-off, but with people in between, you're afraid of them judging, because instinctively, you want to get closer to them and keep them by your side.

    All this scholarship and early entrance things don't really .....inspire me. Although it should be a good idea to apply. I think its coz it hasn't really hit me that I'll be going to Uni. :\

    HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO BOLD AND ITALICS? and that link thingy!!

    Too bad we can't do a strike. :( ...or an underline.

    Yeah, my mum blocked dA and fanfiction. Now I'm sulking. Still haven't gotten over it, although I know it's for my own good.

    ....actually, i got addicted to reading manga all over again.


  6. I tried to make a scrolling text with the marquee tag, but that doesn't work on here.

    Google is your friend, google is your best friend in finding out inconsequential things like html codes. But for school work, google falls short of the mark so many times.

    I see that you can do bold and italic, it's just the b and i tag. Linking uses <#a href="url">Link text<#/a> without the # symbols.

    So <#a href="http://smile-xox.blogspot.com/">your blog<#/a> (without the # )
    gives you
    your blog

    You can use b and i tags in conjunction with that:
    <#a href="http://smile-xox.blogspot.com/"><#b><#i>your blog<#/i><#/b><#/a> (without the #'s )
    read as
    your blog

    And those are the only three tags blogger lets you use in the comments. :-(

  7. I remember learning html code back in year 9 when I was making a website for my commerce assignment *dies*

  8. I remember learning it in IPT, or the minor equivalent which I've forgotten the name of. IST? ISP? Something like that. And then the teacher showed us dreamweaver, which is so so much better than writing code by yourself.

  9. LOLOLOLOLOLOL XIAO. You havent tried IPS!!
    jks, its IST, Information Software Technology. Its terrible how I remember stupid, minor things like that but fail to regurgitate textbook information in exams. >:\

    AND THANKS FOR THE HELP!! *SQUISHES YOU Blogger should have more tags for comments! I hate how i can't emphasise something, and all our comments look so bland.

    And once again, I find myself agreeing. Google really does fall short when it comes to information. Even if you look on the 88th page of google or something. Still useless.

  10. shall I like you to a code learning site that I find useful?

    code learning site :)

    I googled it :9 it's the only time google worked for me :O when doing research assignment, i end up using wikipedia cause google doesn't give me anymore even remotely related sites to my topic of research :S

  11. That's very useful, thank you. But I'm still limited to the tags each site recognises. I love playing with codes though.

  12. oooh, i saw that site a long time ago. It's really good!! Though very lengthy to read as well.