Jan 13, 2012

What's your opinion?

I just tweaked the appearance of my blog a bit yesterday (fonts and colours, mostly). How does everything look?

There's just some things I need a second opinion on.

1) Is the size of my sidebar and the main post column ok? I want it to be able to fit the x-large pictures.

2) Are the colours of the links on my sidebar too hard to see? I'm especially side-eyeing the more reddish purple.


  1. Errr, your new template is pretty good I guess, but perhaps make the links brighter, since it sort of camouflages with the greyish purplish sidebar and I CANT SEE THEM PROPERLY.


    The size of the sidebar and main post columns are great! If you can now fit in extra large images, that'll be perfect. I personally prefer if the sidebar was a little thicker, because I have some room on my computer screen, but that's just me. Don't worry about it, it's good the way it is now.

    NICE REMODELLING! And the background really emphasises the 'dawn' part. LOLOLOLOL.

  2. Guess I'll stick with white and grey for the gadget links then. Is it better now?

    Thank you! It took me ages to find so many fonts I like.

    I made the sidebar a little thicker now, but I'm changing the width according to my browser, and on a Mac the window doesn't use up the whole width of the monitor/display, so this is as wide as I want it to go, sorry 'bout that.

    1. Hmm, yes it's alright now. Purple links would have looked better, but then I cant see Dx

      And don't worry about the sidebar, seriously. I think, any more thicker, and it wouldn't look too good on my computer screen.