Jan 7, 2012

Another Version of Helena's Picture

I can't believe I stayed up so late to do this, and I'm not even finished.

Ok, taking in account all advice given, here's a more solid-coloured version. But it takes a lot longer, so it's missing a lot of things, most notably the eyes. What do I do about the eyes? How do I colour it? It looks too complicated and I't bound to loss detail by covering the pencil lines.

I did my best with shading, but I think the clothing is too transparent again. It has a very different feel. Still not the same as Helena's style though... And the program I'm using only lets me use 5 layers. I'll be looking into GIMP for sure.



    oh, i only needed around 3 layers to do the kind of stuff i did. Most notably, you need a linework layer! To cover up the edges of colouring. I'll send you a lineart layer for you to work with if you want! (Since its really hard to do lineart without a graphics tablet) Then you kinda colour on a layer underneath the lineart one. You'll find that you can colour it better with some actual guiding lines on top.

    Also, feel free to zoom in heaps, to correct any wonky colour blocks.

  2. I'm ok, but as you can see from the time stamp: 12:37!

    I've got the original on one layer, guiding lines on one layer, all the skin on one layer, hair on one layer, clothing and shoes on one layer, and the wall on one layer.

    I love layer!! You can get one layer to cover another one, if you had a look at each of my individual layers you can see most of the colours are horribly outside their lines.

    Please do send me a lineart layer, it'll be so much help. The one I tried to do had all wonky lines.

    As you can see, my colours have wriggly outlines. It still looks like I did it by hand, which to be honest would have been so much easier. I can't find the thing in my software that picked out the colour from the image, so I had to finish everything of the same colour before I went on to another one. It was sooo painful.

    I've downloaded GIMP, but haven't really started using it. It has a lot more options, buy I don't like the interface.

  3. ummm, i have the lineart and layers ready for you in a Photoshop PSD format, but that might not be compatible with the program you're using. Which format would you like me to save it in?

    Or should i just save the lineart and eyes for you in a single PNG layer (transparent supportive) So that when you open it in your program, you can make the colour layers yourself?

    ....I coloured the eyes for you with the lineart, if you want to know how, I can tell you later or make a tutorial because it's quite lengthy.

    ummmm, the picking the colour thing is called the eyedropper tool! Its like that droppy thing. :\ I think Gimp has it. Oh, and theres a way to get around the shaky colour blocks, have you tried a polygonal lasso tool? It makes a selection (by clicking on points using your mouse to create much more smoother edging), and you add colour to that part.

    hehe, layers are wonderful! but if you have that eyedropper tool, it doesnt really matter if you have layers or not because you can correct shaky blocks of colours easily. You'll find that another handy tool with layers is the clipping function, which lets you colour on top of an existing layer when you clip them together. Its really convenient for shading.

    I'll see if i can upload PNG pictures to my blog.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! The PNG file would be very helpful. polygonal lasso! I wondered how to get a smooth outline. I'll try that out. Thank you, you've helped me so much.

  5. I do hope I'm being helpful! Yes, check out the polygonal lasso! To create a smooth curve, you should place lots of anchors close to each other. Oh, and check my blog. Images should be up now.