Jan 15, 2012

is this what twitter is like? was that a black cat? will i get bad luck even if i don't know if it was a black cat or not? do you believe in that superstition? what are these really short posts doing here? why are there so many questions? how long can a blog title be? can you tell how hard I'm procrastinating?

A cat crossed my path just then, in the after-sunset light, it looked black. Hm...

(is this what twitter is like? Inane observations of mundane life that has next to zero significance limited to 140 characters? The first sentence in this post has 67 characters, I counted. I might add something like #wasthatablackcat Sigh, can you tell how hard I'm procrastinating?)

1 comment:

  1. yeah, that's twitter alright.
    sometimes, there's some pretty interesting stuff, but I find there's not enough characters for me to type up things I want to say and elaborate on. So I quit twitter, LOL.
    Yeah, i know you're procrastinating so bad. :L:L GET BACK TO WORK DEAR! :D I was procrastinating myself, but I actually got some work done today! It's kinda hit me now that we've got only 2 weeks left that i should make a move on my huge holiday to do list. LOLOLOLOL.