Jun 22, 2011

Youth Allowance, and The Cat

I'm trying to get my youth allowance organised, and I had to get my tax file number for that. I forgot what it was because it was so long ago. It wasn't hard to get it back, I just had to call the Tax Office. I tried to call them before today several times and they were "experiencing peak demand" so they wouldn't even put me on hold. Anyway, I had that happen to me today again, it took one whole hour to get a person on the phone with me, and then everything was done in 5 minutes.

Filling out forms are so tedious. It was so thick. I hate it the most when I didn't know what I filled in was the information they wanted or not, and none of my family members speak English well so I'm the one who fills out ALL the forms for the whole family. I guess it's good practise for later.

There wasn't much point to that, except to vent, and to tell you I'm still alive and back from camp. We did go to Collaroy Centre, and there was just so many memories there. I have so many photos I want to put up, the photos of the school have been sitting in my draft for more than a week. I want to write some stuff on it and hopefully have it up soon.

Onto The Cat. So I was walking to the train station in the morning, and I see a cat lying on the footpath. I walk closer and I'm hoping that it wouldn't run away too soon, because I love cats. I'm walking closer and closer, and I realise something's not quite right. It's not running away. There's a second when I feel happy because it's so rare that cats let anyone that close. And then I realise it's lying on its side. With its feet sticking out straight and stiff. With its tail puffed up and away from its body. In short, I realise that it's not a cute cat that's bold enough to stay and let me stare at it, it's the body of a cold, dead cat staring straight ahead.

There's no wounds on it, but there's a trickle of blood leading out of the corner of its mouth down to a small puddle of blood on the ground. I got such a fright. It was terrifying, especially when I was expecting a cute, living cat.

When I walked home from school, it was still there. I went across the road to avoid it. I hope someone will take it away before it starts to smell, because I'm not walking near it with a 10 foot pole.

(is there someone I could call to get rid of it? Would the council help?)

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