Jun 22, 2011

Photos of my school

I promised Cinda photos of my new school ages ago, and these have been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought it's high time to show you what it looks like. I snapped these in the morning before school, so I'm not sure if I got everything I wanted to show you. Enjoy!

Going into the school


Cleveland Quad (not sure of the spelling)

Sometimes water will come out from the top

 I think these stairs, if they were a bit more elaborate, would look like grand ball room stairs. Notice it says UP on the right and DOWN on the left.

A school building from above the hedge

The Rose Garden

I love the shape and colour of these buildings, looks old and elegant

Main entrance/front office

Framed stained glass, I didn't manage to get the pretty lights coming through

Anzac Quad, I sometimes sit here at lunch and recess

Huge chess pieces! I haven't played with them yet 

Antique looking furnitures

More antique looking furnitures

My lockers

New, more expensive lockers

The Lowers, like the oval, but not so flat. It floods into a small swamp/lake when it rains hard. (with Australian weather  like it is, when it rains it pours)

The MPH (Multi-purpose hall) side view

Our school grounds are connected with the Boys School, there's no fences or anything in between, but I think there's near zero interaction. Some girls like to go over to their canteen though, they have better and cheaper food. Our canteen's getting better though.

I didn't even know these basketball/netball courts existed here before I took this photo


Sydney Boys

The DT rooms, textiles, wood work and food tech. It always smells really yummy here.

Anzac quad from the second story

I sometimes sit here as well. The sun cam shine in to warm us but we're sheltered from the wind.

Outside the science staffroom

Where Sydney Girls is, there was once a swamp (Billy Goat swamp I think), and then it became a rubbish dump, before it the school was built. When our year was in year 7, an awesome teacher came and started an excavation in the Lowers. They digged up so much cool stuff. The best of them are displayed all around the school in cases like this. There's bottles, basins, bowls, candle stands, ink bottles, and lots more.

I was sitting underneath the photo, so the angle is weird

I took these all in one morning, and I can't say I'm one hundred percent familiar with the school, so I don't know if I've missed something I might of wanted to show you. There are also places where I'm just embarrassed to be taking photos in, like the library. But this is the general idea. It's just another school, I guess.


  1. I was looking in awe at each picture, it looks so clean! O_O And the quads are so pretty!! And the stairs are like.... wow. Everything is so ancient yet modern at the same time.

  2. It's a pretty school.
    It's pretty old, so I guess that's why it has that ancient yet modern feel to it. I just love the colour of the bricks, that really dark, nice brown, and isn't that random :)