Jun 3, 2011

Exams are over! Celebrate!

Yay half yearlies are over! I think I went okay but I really don't trust my own judgement. After the exams are all over on Friday, being the party animals we are, we all went out for karaoke again. Did you know the Woolworth at Town Hall has a section downstairs that sells chicken, hot chips, donuts, other baked goods, and sandwiches? I brought a chicken Caesar salad thingie sandwich, and I was a bit sceptical about the taste, but it was really yummy.

Just wanted to ask you guys something, did we go to Collaroy Centre for camp at some point, and if we did what year was it? It sounds distinctly familiar but I can't really be sure.


  1. Collaroy center camp was in year ... 9? yep. i think. Haha, i've never karaoke'd before.

  2. ok, I knew it sounded familiar. We have to get there on our own though. Go karaoke sometime! It's fun.