Jun 7, 2011

Vivid Live Light Show In City

I love my new camera. I went to the Vivid Live light show in the city on Sunday night, and if I was still using my old camera, none of the photos would have came out ok. Hope you guys went and saw it, it's a nice night out and the lights are pretty. I could stand and stare at the mesmerising lights on the Opera House forever. There's some fun interactive stuff there too, so it was all really fun.

So here they are people, an epic(ly long) photo post of the Vivid Live light show.

This one is Light Wave Action

This one is a sculpture called Melody

This is a chair made out of acrylic sheets, and it's called C/C

The Opera House is used as a canvas for light paintings

Jellyfish or stingray?

Eye on the Opera House!

This installation is called Opposite Attracts, it's supposed to represent heros that charge you with their positive energy

They have quotes at the bottom that give clues to who they're supposed to be, I have no idea

Even the buildings are used and lit up

Aboriginal digeridoo player taking advantage of the festival, he's not actually part of the event

Cycling powered lights

This one looked fun but the line was long. You stood in front of the building and when you threw your arms around, you threw light that looks like paint on the wall.

The green letters are glow in the dark. So you stand in front of the letters and after the light flashes, you leave your shadow on there.

Some people were drawing on them with light from their mobiles

Wedding photos! There were a lot of tripods around that night. But it was very photo worthy

I couldn't get good photos of this one. The little lights on the tree move and light up more when light hits them. But a lot of people thought sound activated them, so there were heaps of people clapping and screaming around the tree. A woman commented that "Children are being murdered here" because it was mostly the children who were screaming their heads off.

I probably didn't get to see every one of the installations on Vivid that that night, but this could give you a pretty good idea of what it's all about.


  1. HOLY, THIS IS SO EPIC :O I WISH I COULD HAVE WENT, IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! I agree, your camera is really good. Which model was it again?

  2. Hmm, I forgot, and I'm in bed so I don't want to leave my cozy little nest and go check.

    Okay, I checked my blog post about it, and I think it's HX5C or HX5V or HX5. I adore it. My photos have never came out looking so good.

    Yes! It looked great, there were more people than usual there. Usually when I went to Darling Harbour at night for a stroll there's not a lot of people and it's all very leisurely. It's like Sydney doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, so when something like this happens, people go and make a night of it. But it wan't like New Year fireworks, there were no one drinking and it's not that rowdy and there weren't so many people.

    There were touristy/foreign people there. I saw some Japanese and Chinese and Korean people, and some European people I don't recognise the exact origin of.