Jun 5, 2011

Brand New Macbook

Mum bought me a 13 inch Macbook Pro last Wednesday. I'm ecstatic, as you can imagine. It's different from Windows, but I like exploring a new system. I'm starting to get the hang of it now, nothing can't be solved by clicking around and google-fu. Mac doesn't have a right click (which I think I seriously overuse, but anyhow), but you can set up preferences to get a secondary click (which is the same thing). I especially like how I can set the mac to do things with different finger swipes. I wish I could show you guys :(

The idea is to use the Mac to replace my old PC desktop, and take advantage of the educational tax rebate. I think it's also something of a reward for getting 100% on advanced mathematics (not actually that hard to get, but don't tell her that), and an early birthday present. A friend did recommend Macbook Air, which is the really light one, but the sales person said an ordinary Macbook is better value. Mum opted for the Macbook Pro at the end because a friend said it's better.

The Macbook Pro looks really sleek with the aluminium casing, the keyboard lights up, and the design is generally very modern. The mac operating system has a really nice look, it's all sleek and streamline and modern. The graphics is so clear it's like wow, and I plan on taking full advantage of the free apps. So, as the salesperson said, I'm now the proud owner of a brand new Mac!

p.s. Since this is my own laptop, I wanted to take good care of it. I was hearing some conflicting messages about how to extend the battery life. The one I hear the most is that you should always use it until it's flat and then fully charge it, or the battery memory is wrecked, but I was also hearing people saying that's not true. So I googled it, and apparently the new laptops, with their lithium based batteries, don't have the battery memory problem. In fact, if you do use the battery til it's flat, you damage it. It's best (for lithium based batteries) to have frequent charges, but don't keep it at full charge at all times.


  1. I was wondering whether charging the batteries when it was completely flat was a good idea or not. :O Well thankyou for this information dearest Xiao!

    The Macbook Pro sounds so good. :o And i found it weird how it doesnt have right click too, but you should see the actual mouse, it has a 360 scrolly ball on it. :o

    You seem technology loaded right now. *envy. I'm still hoping for my Photoshop program because after installing Win7, my old photoshop isn't compatible with the system. :\ I still think windows is better than Msc in terms of efficiency, work based, operations, Mac is good too, but more sleek and how would i say...aesthetically and graphically orientated. Not that it's bad, but I find it isn't as efficient as Windows when it comes to word processing and that kind of stuff.

    I really like the gesture thing though, haha, thats why i want a graphics tablet right now.

  2. I don't know about Windows being more efficient, but I'm liking mac. I can definitely see the sleek and aesthetically pleasing perspective of it. :D I'm not actually using the mac so much for work, I haven't even written anything using its word processing program. It's like a shiny new toy for me right now. I'm now completely used to it, but I'm using my desktop at the same time, which runs on Windows. I hear some people say the switch is strange, but I like it well enough.