Mar 20, 2011

Switch to Chrome

I switched browsers from Internet Explorer to google's Chrome yesterday because I couldn't log into blogspot and I can't work out why. So far, Chrome is a lot, and I mean a whole lot faster. Everything is so much cleaner, there's no fiddly bits I never use. The font is a bit strange though, well, I guess it's just different. The themes are really pretty though. Chrome can't doesn't let me save pdf directly off the internet, but that's what I keep Internet Explorer for. For the far superior speed, I think I'll stick with Chrome.

Again in Economics, the teacher was giving an example of the influence consumers' choices have on the producers' behaviour. So he says: Pearl here is selling Vegemite sandwiches for $2. Jenny here is selling meat pies for, say, $5. All these people (gesturing to the whole class) is lining up to buy meat pies. Only one person (teacher goes to stand beside Pearl) comes up to your stand, and he asks, "Where can I get some meat pies?"

He's wonderful.When he explains things he does it really well and he uses a lot of humour so I remember it well. Economics is my favourite class hands down.

I have to write an essay and a creative for English,1500 words each. Luckily it's due at the end of the month. They were originally exam questions so they're not meant to be so long. I have a problem where I use a superfluous words and I find it hard to be concise and to the point, and these long essays will not help me break that habit.


  1. hello xiao! Haha, for me, economics is the scariest subject hands down. And music is the loneliest subject, hands down. Maths is the liveliest subject, hands down, and English is the 'extremely lost' subject, hands down. LOL.

    Your economics teacher sounds so cool!

    I use firefox, its pretty fast as well. And very pretty. I have chrome too but the over simplification scares me a bit. IE is crap. :L:L

  2. Good to see you on my blog again :)

    I really like my Economics teacher. But I'm feeling lost in just about every other subject. Physics is amazingly non-educational because our teacher just doesn't care.

    So firefox is good too? Who knows, I might try it someday.