Mar 27, 2011

More Bad News

It wasn't an accident. I think she committed suicide. The principal was very tactful about it, she didn't mention the word suicide at all. On the day they first broke the news they were so vague I thought it might have been an accident. It's certainly harder on her friends and family that it was that.

The teachers said that no one saw any sign, so no one should feel responsible. It's implied that it might have been depression.

There's a page on Facebook where our year is remembering her. But they say it's the people who aren't saying anything, her closest friends, that are scaring them. Her close friends didn't come to school on Friday, and I think a few of them are together. Because we're not really hearing from them we don't really know if they're okay.


  1. oh dear. my heart goes out to the poor girl and her family too. :(

  2. Oh God...
    I hope that it wasn't suicide, such a thing is so tragic. I also hope that her friebds and family are coping but such a loss is never easy to deal with.