Mar 21, 2011

Pooling Resources on the School Network

I haven't gone exploring before today, and it's a shame because there's a hidden treasure trove on my school's network. Every year has their own folder and inside there's things like shared notes, past paper, there's photos and videos of school events, and, there's also an abundance of games, movies, anime, songs, even wallpapers. I wish I knew about this before, I filled my 4G USB today (but the past papers would have taken up a lot of space).

I wondered why I sometimes see girls playing Plants vs Zombies on the library computers in the morning, and this is where everything are! There's tetris, Plants vs Zombies, Sim City 4, Stepmania, Insaniquarium, lots of other big games I've never even heard of and lots of small flash games. There's movies with real actors like Black Swan, My Sister's Keeper, there's Gossip Girl, Glee, Dance Academy. There's Bleach, Naruto, there's anime movies like Howl's Moving Castle, Grave of the Firefly, and I took three Ghibli studio movies that I haven't seen before. There's English songs like those by Rhiana, there's Korean songs like those by Beast, DBSK and Epik High. There's Japanese songs by Utada Hikaru (the artist that sang First Love), there's songs from animes, it's crazy.

We used to pass USBs around, here there's a drive where students pool all their resources (for studying or otherwise) together and everyone can take what they want. I saw that people could request what they want by creating a new folder asking for whatever movie/series/anime/song they wanted. Someone had to wrote on a folder "Request for anime are now banned", I wonder what happened for that ban to come into place.

Apparently there had been a crack down in year 9 where files were tracked back to whoever put them there and those people were told off, but gradually they started not caring again and this whole operation grew again.

This is a huge collection of all the popular electronic files students could want. But I think this collection is still not as large as Maryanne's (and doesn't that tell you how amazing she is). I don't think the teachers at Hurlstoen would allow something like this.

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