Dec 24, 2011

a little project

I've pretty much been MIA for 3 months from blogging now. I have no excuse except that sometimes life feels so tedious it's hard to muster up the energy to write more than I absolutely need to for school. Year 12, guys. Hopefully I can survive this so I can look back at it nostalgically. I can't and won't promise I'll be blogging regularly, but I will try to keep up with your posts.

I wish blogspot had a function that sends me an email when someone I follow makes a new post, like livejournal does.

I wasted something like 2 hours yesterday making a poster for my wall. I had a diary that had cute illustrations of tarot cards in it. Since it's been used, I decided to recycle it and make a poster out of the pages without writing on them.

Which basically means I tore out the pages with the tarot card figures on them, arranged them in order and stuck them onto a two large pieces of paper (from a huge 2011 calendar, it's good to reuse). I had to include more pages to fill a rectangle shape, but all 22 of the major arcana tarots cards are there in order, from The Fool all the way to The World. If you can spot where I stuck one page upside-down I'll give you imaginary internet cookies.

I'm not good at drawing like Cinda, and my photo-taking skills are not up to her very high standards, so I guess a remix of other people's work is the best I can do :-(

Finished product - tadaa!
Close-up details:

All the pictures/pages came out of this diary, bought from Morning Glory (product placement! Now if only I got a cheque for this...)

Additional picture of a new toy I got for my birthday, it has a very nice texture and it's really cute:

The lighting in my room is perfect for my eyes but bad for photo taking. I had to enhance all of these photos in iPhoto, the colours were all very dull before that. Is there anything I can fiddle with on my camera to fix that? Flash is not my friend.


  1. is there a function on your camera which adjusts the exposure or lighting or anything? :D


    and that is one hell of a lovely wall you have there. I wish i had a free and spare wall in my bedroom to stick artistic stuff on. :\

    and pssht, your posts .....THEY HAVE SUCH A......FORMALLY EXQUISITE TONE TO THEM. sounds very formal and xiao-like, but for me, rather than getting bored (like i do with all formal shizzle), it's really entertaining to read!!! D:

    ....i sound very 'up my ass' and rant alot on my posts. LOLOLOLOLOL.

    Its been so fast, yet so long! Year 11 breezed by, and before I knew it, i had already gone through 1/4 of the year 12 course. And when i look back, it feels like you left HAHS in 2009 or something. I guess its coz i havent seen you in a LONG while.

    oh, and my bad grammar and punctuation right now probably pisses you off, I'm kinda in a hurry. LOL.

    Anyway, this sounds kinda cliche, but I miss you! I've said this many times, to many people, and most of the time, it feels empty, almost like protocol. But at this moment, i honestly do miss you. We had fun times together, and I REALLY LOVED STUDYING AG WITH YOU. Thats what i miss most. ._____. (THANKS TO YOU LEAVING, MY AG GRADES SLIPPED LOL I KID, I KID.)

    Best of luck to you Xiao! I do hope you're fitting in lovely in SGHS, (you probably are, lol)! [strike] and i hope you've been thinking about me all day and having dreams about me, LOL [/strike]

  2. Exposure...that might just be it. I'll fiddle with it and see if it helps.

    I'm really happy I'm back too. All your lives are so much more interesting than mine.

    I like how the wall came out, but at first it fell down because I didn't use enough blu-tac :P I have three other frames of paintings and wood decoration I bought (at country fair) that I want to put up, but mum and grandma doesn't want me to put nails in the wall. I'm sure that there are stronger sticky stuff that can hold quite a bit of weight and still not damage the walls, but I don't know where to find them. I've seen ads for them on TV years ago, and they have to have improved in the meanwhile.

    (OoO) I didn't realise I sound formal, it's probably (lol, I wrote "most likely" instead of "probably" at first, that's where the formal feeling comes through) a side effect of writing too many essays. I think I've said this before, but I really like your style of writing, it's very fresh and very you.

    I think in retrospect time always feels like it went faster because obviously, you can't remember every second you've experienced, but you do live through every second in the present. But yeah, too fast. The teachers did warn us, but the assessment blocks come so fast now. Four exam periods (at least at Sydney Girls) this year! That's one every term. It feels like the years going twice as fast.

    You're one of the people I miss the most when I transfered, and that's the truth. We really work well together at studying ag, we went through so much in that one lunchtime before the exam. That's sort of my mode of operations (CRAM CRAM CRAM). It really has to has to change. That should be my new years resolution (or something).

    I think I had a dream about you, and as dreams always are, it was pretty weird. We (meaning you, me and our group) were at Hurlstone, sitting on the balcony outside the library, and we were discussing going somewhere strange for a mission or something, but acting as if it was perfectly normal. So we decided to go but we had to pack supplies first, which included tim tams, for reasons unknown... I'm boring even myself, so I'll leave it here. Dreams are illogical creatures.

  3. fwaaa walls of text! :D I keep forgetting that blogs have a comment area. I just looked back and saw all your comments on my blog posts. thanks Xx

    How has your school term/s been?

    btw, I will comment more on you blog in the near future ^ ^

  4. (' ^ ' )||| Sorry about that. I'll try and control myself in the future. Your comments don't have to be long, just dropping me a line is fine.