Dec 30, 2011

Fish Market again, and the problem with wine

personal rant after the cut:

Second trip to Fish Market, everyone knew what mistakes were made last time and knew to avoid them. The biggest regret the adults had last time was that they didn't bring wine. This time round they made sure to rectified that mistake. The three of them went through two bottles of white wine. Our family friend had good alcohol tolerance, and Grandma has enough self-control that she'll stop before she gets drunk. Mum had neither.

People who had a bit of alcohol get loud and generally seem to like to reminisce about old times. Since Mum was more drunk than the other two, she was also acting childish (more so than usual) and trying to make a fool out of herself. As drunks do, she was saying "I'm not drunk" when we tell her that she is. She wanted to go to the QVB to buy clothes afterwards. Obviously, we didn't let her.

On the train home she puked from a combination of too much wine and too much raw oysters and sashimi. Our half of the carriage cleared faster than you could say "That stinks". I feel sorry for the person that has to clean that up.

She wasn't as drunk as some previous times, and she wasn't as loud and obnoxious as she could be when she's drunker. Which is just as well since we were in public. She doesn't drink often, and she does not have an alcohol problem. But on the few occasions that she does drink, I try to avoid her. I don't like her behaviour when she's drunk alcohol.

Grandma gets drowsy after she drinks, Mum gets loud and childishly unreasonable. Which, I suppose, is pretty standard drunk behaviour from what I gathered. She's not even a violent drunk, she's just loud and clingy. I still don't like it. I still always get a little scared of her. I don't know what I'm going to do when my friends get to the age where they start getting drunk. I don't know if I'll adapt or try to reject it.

Mum should be able to enjoy herself a little from time to time, and I love her, but I just don't like her very much hen she's drunk.



    I guess its because your mum sort of becomes a stranger to you when she's drunk and it doesn't feel right. :\ My advice : don't go drinking with friends. LOL. You never know, if they turn out all violent or something, you won't be able to control them and something could happen, like they cross the road or something, and you try to stop them, and you both get hit.

    Maybe I'm just too paranoid :(

    Anyway, well, make sure your mum takes alcohol in moderation, if you're really worried! And if she does go drunk, and you feel stressed about it afterwards, you can always rant to me about it if you want! :D I don't have good advice or help, but I'm a very willing listener!! :D

  2. I think your guess is probably right. And hopefully, the people I'm friends with aren't the sort of people who would get drunk and act unpleasantly. Thank you, it helps a lot to know that someone wil listen.