Apr 6, 2011

Jokes + Holidays

A classmate told us this joke: A man set fire to a copper house, a wood house and a cotton house, which house does the ambulance put out first?

I got caught up in that one for a while, and answered cotton. But the correct answer is: (drum-rolls please) An ambulance doesn't put out fires!

Along the same lines, she told us one yesterday that goes: A chicken says "All chicken are liars". Is it telling the truth?

The punch line is that chickens don't talk.

I didn't think they were that funny. I didn't get them. Bitter? Me? No way.


We have to get a JSTOR account for English for a comparative research study of Emma and Clueless. JSTOR is an online storage of periodicals and journals on lots and lots of subjects, like English and literature, history, science etc. Apparently it's very helpful for students in their essay writing. Sydney Girls subscribes to it, so the students at the school can make an account on JSTOR. I think I saw an option for individuals, but you would have to check. Another site we have to use is Turnitin (which I'm sure you would have heard of before). The English faculty hasn't organised a password for that yet.

So, research task in the holidays! I also have one birthday party/outing on each Monday and one day I'm going to the Easter Show. Are you guys doing anything in the holidays, or is the mountain of school work still holding you down?


  1. if an ambulance doesn't put out fires, what does it do? put water on fires? so lost man.

  2. An ambulance takes injured people to hospital, it doesn't put out fires.