Apr 14, 2011

Gives Me Hope + MLIA

I found a website today called Gives Me Hope (or just GMH). It has very short accounts of sweet and touching moments. It's described as chicken soup for the soul, but 21th century and twitter style.

It's something that might make you feel that humanity gives you hope. I teared up when I read some of them. One of them went like this:

One of my classmates in high school had leukemia, and he was really depressed after his first round of chemo when he came to school with no hair. When they found out about it, all 70+ members of the varsity football team shaved their heads too. Their yearbook picture is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. GMH
Another website I found (connected to GMH) is My Life Is Average (or MLIA). This website is a collection humorous moments in the lives of ordinary people. I wasted hours on these two website. But this is just something to cheer you up in between the hours of hard studying. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for the information. You might also be interested in my posts on 'My life is Average".
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    Laura Meehan

  2. "Today i did the Google vs. Yahoo war. I typed in 'I licked'. Yahoo came up with 'I licked my sister'. Google cam up with 'I licked a ninja in line at the bank'. I love Google MLIA"

    LOL. The sister part freaked me out. THANKS FOR THE SITE XIAO! <3

  3. You're welcome! I killed so much time reading through mlia, and if you go back to the earliest ones, you can see just how much that site's evolved.