Apr 12, 2011

Karaoke outing

First week of the holidays! I'm not quite free because I have two fairly big tasks to do for English. One is a creative writing task with the visual prompt of mirrors and on the concept of 'Changing Self'. The other one is a research task for Emma and Clueless.

But I've got a few days where I'm authorised (by mum and grandma) to have fun. On the Monday just past there was Anne's birthday, on the Monday to come is Jessica's birthday, and some where in the holidays I think I might be going to the Easter Show.

But there was an outing on Friday, the last day of the term as well. Seven of us went to karaoke! This is only the second time I've been to karaoke and it's the first time I've gone with friends. The first time was with on a Japanese class excursion with Miss Yun. It's much more fun when you actually get to sing.

The other new girl hasn't ever been to karaoke at all. They were pressing for us two to sing solos, and I sang a Chinese song that no one else knew. They didn't say I sang well, or that my voice was nice, but that I was 'cute'... Well, I'm happy with that too. At least they didn't say I sounded awful.

We went to Townhall straight after school, but we stood under the Queen Victoria's statue (or 'the Fat Lady' as one of them put it) for fifteen minutes and asked each other "so where do we want to go?". There were two karaoke places near, and someone decided, just to get a move on I think, that we're going to Big Echo. That's the bad thing of either democracy or disorganisation, it takes so long to finalise what's going to happen until someone says 'that's it, this is where we're going'.

We finally got there, and for 7 people renting a room for 3 hours, it was $12 dollars a person with a free can of drink. By then it was 4:30. One girl went home early, but all the rest of us stayed until 7:30.

Almost half of the girls know Chinese, and all of us are Asian, so there were a few Chinese songs, Korean songs and Japanese songs amongst the English songs. No one really knew the lyrics to the Korean or Japanese songs though. I wanted to listen to DBSK even though no one knows how the lyrics, but 'Sorry Sorry' by Super Junior made up for it a little. At the end half of us had our shoes off and sitting cross legged on the sofa. 'Baby' came up at one stage, but I guess that's one song everyone is guaranteed to know.

I think some of them got into trouble for going home too late. On Monday they asked me what my mum said to me when I got home, I thought for a second and said, "she asked 'Did you have a good time?'" I love my mum. Mum and grandma keeps thinking I don't socialise enough, so they're really happy when I do go out with friends.

I was pretty hyper to be in the city. It's such a pretty, busy place. There was a group of dancers warming up under Queen Victoria's statue to do a hip hop routine. There's modern sky scrapers but there's also cathedrals and old style sandstone buildings. I love the juxtaposition of the old and new, and they fit together so well. Flik said to me "You're enjoying going to school in city?". Because they're all used to it, they know the city really well, but I only go there maybe three times a year, if that.

Something I want to share: did you know there are tricycle taxis/cabs in the city? It's green and white, a very sleek tear drop-ish shape, and it's powered by some guy pedalling. You wouldn't expect something like that in Sydney. Isn't it funny how we now want to go back to low-tech and natural, not just in this but in things like eating, cosmetics, power, in wanting to replant trees we've chopped down. The cycle is fascinating.


  1. LOL, sorry sorry by Super Junior.
    Glad to know you had a great time! <3
    I've never been to city to actually explore and everything. Its always just a drive to somewhere and mum does her business then we leave after that. And my mum is starting to get worried about me being unable to talk to strangers easily and distant family friends, but still doesn't let me out the house. :/

  2. I've never went to the city for business before. When I go to the city it's usually for leisure, to see the fireworks, or walk around Darling Harbour or going to Fish Market.

    I don't know about your mum, it's really not enough if you have good academic results but don't have the necessary social skills.