Mar 31, 2012

iPad! The drawing apps are really good :)

My new iPad's arrived! I would have liked to put up some pictures, but Mum took it from me, and I only just realised when I wanted to take a picture just now. I think she likes it more than me. She's been watching Chinese movies on it using this Chinese app that streams movies and tv series. She's really in love with it, sometimes I want to do something on it and it's just gone from my table because she took it form my desk in a really ninja way.

I'm using SketchBook Express and some other sketching app with a stylus, and it's been really good. It's not really up to the standards of Helena and Cinda and such, but I think I'm using bolder lines on the iPad than I do on paper. I might put some screenshots up. Maybe.

I'll be having a fairly busy holiday, I have to write a Hamlet essay even though we haven't even finished reading it as of now, my year book page has to be done (and what do people put on those anyway?) and I'll be having two maths tutoring lessons per week again. Let's all work hard!


  1. OOOOH, do you have the 'draw something' app? Everyone's playing it at school over wifi D:

    Haha, do put up screenshots!!! :D:D

    1. I do! I want to play it with someone I know, but I don't really know who to play with :(

      My drawings are really really simple line drawings that only really show off how good the app is, and not my drawing skills. I really have no skills at drawing. I might put up some of eyes that the girl that sits next to me drew, she's a really good drawer. I don't know when that can be done though, mum has my iPad again.

    2. Add me to draw something :) It's my facebook account

  2. I would ask you to add me too, but

    1) i do not have the app on my ipod touch
    2) i do not have a home wifi system, so i wouldn't really be able to go on the internet on my ipod touch much. :\
    3) if i download the app, i'll have to update my ipod, restore my songs, etc. which will take forever. and I can't be bothered to do such a huge task right now.

    *starts thinking about drawing vs cinda and xiao....


    *mentally torn between joining or not joining.

    1. If you have no home wifi then when do you go on the internet on your ipod?

    2. never. LOLOLOLOLOL. I download apps on my computer then sync them on my ipod. Its a lengthy process.