Mar 21, 2012

I'm very influenced by my family's opinion

I'm very influenced by my family's opinion, which I suppose is as it should be. I told them my Maths results (2 unit and Extension 1), they were pretty happy with it because my 3 unit mark had a noticeable improvement on my last one. Same for Physics, and I only lost 3 marks. So I'm sort of living in a little bubble of happiness/contentment right now. I didn't even feel this way when I first got the results!

Note: getting a good tutor is important, they can really help you get better marks.



    I just did a maths 2u exam, and it had easy questions. Thing is, I did ZERO revising, so I think people got the questions all right whilst I got like 10 wrong. My rank is probably 100/101 or something. :s

    Tutor gave me heaps of resources and I didnt utilise them, so its kinda all my fault :(

  2. I thought I replied to this. Hm...
    Don't worry so much, it's 2 unit, you can't do that badly. But it is important to use all the resources at your disposal, whether from your tutor or from the school. Again, 2 unit, don't worry. I'm pretty sure you did fine.