Jul 10, 2012

Stumbled on a new radio station

I've just recently (by which I mean the day before yesterday) thought of using an Internet radio app with my iPod amplifiers to replace my actual, old and broken as anything radio. I like the smaller radio stations rather than the large commercial ones because there's literally no ads or segments other than music except the occasional reminder of the name of the station you're listening to.

Right now I'm listening to Light Digital, Melbourne's digital Christian station. Which, obviously, plays Christina themed songs. It's what I think is called religious pop or Christian pop or something, it's like regular pop songs, but they all have lyrics about Christianity. I really really like them. The melodies all fall squarely inside my most comfortable and familiar and most loved sort of music listening area (is there a word for this? they really fit my music tastes?) I like them much better than what most of the other stations are playing, I don't like rapping or really loud music with little to no melody. The music Light Digital is playing just sound really comfortable for me. Listening to radio is always hit and miss, but in the past hour I've only heard one song that I didn't care for (it got a bit too rock and roll with repetitive melody). That's pretty good for me, usually I don't really like one in three songs.

Some of the lyrics of the songs that the guys sing sounds like they're singing about relationships before you find out in the next verse that it's about Jesus. This says something about contemporary love songs with all their hyperbolic cliches like "eternal love" and everything. At least with the Christian songs they actually mean eternal love.


  1. Accidental discoveries are always awsome discoveries! :D It was like how I discovered a genre of music (still no idea what it's called) that's really calming but kind of techno when I was looking for German alternative rock. Do you know what kind of genre that might be?

    Sometimes I can't help but treat contemporary pop cliches with an odd kind of disdain. However, I can't help but feel a bit sorry that these people have not found something with more depth than skin deep meaning and sincerity or at least some form of metaphysical conceit to express their cliches and thereby not making them cliches...

    The same goes for all music regardless of if they're Christian, secular or some other religion's etc. Sometimes I come across Christian songs with good tune and melody but the lyrics are also no more than superficial and I can't help but think that the composer has not yet experienced God enough in their lives/spritual immaturity.

    But overall I critique music by melody + lyrics meanings + impact (i.e. does it draw a deep commection.)

    Oh dear, I'm starting to sound like some English teacher ///shot

    Studying English in excess has had some damaging effects to my train of thoughts haha.

    I'm gonna check out Light Digital after I finish off today's studies ;) by the way have you tried Sydney's Hope 103.2? It's Sydney's Christian radio station. Sometimes the songs are heaps good but other times it's dissapointing and crappy such as the time I tuned in and heard a crazy rap and I was like O____O

    1. Now days I usually just listen to the tune and ignore the lyrics. Case in point, I thought Whistle was a nice and catchy song, and the only words of that I actually register is the "blow my whistle baby, whistle baby", but a friend pointed out to me that if you do listen to the lyrics carefully, "blow my whistle" is a very blatant innuendo :(

      I will try Sydney's Hope 103.2 when I get time, the radio station list is ordered alphabetically, so that's probably why I didn't see it.